Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Tips for Surviving a Summer Drought

By Benedict Vanheems

Help your garden survive a summer drought by using watering cans, watering from below, using drip irrigation, soaking drill before sowing, shading seedlings and keeping the soil cool by spreading mulch.

Perennial and Annual Weeding Tips

By Benedict Vanheems

Avoid persistent annual and perennial weeds by laying down cardboard, removing roots, using a sharp hoe weekly on established beds, spreading mulch or planting a vegetable with abundant foliage like potatoes.

Gardening in the (Northern) Southwest

By Regina Hitchcock

Southwestern regional advice is great if you live in the southern half of New Mexico and Arizona, where the winters are warm and the summers are blistering hot. But if you live in the Northern half of Arizona — known more for its bitter cold winters, alpine snow, and a short growing season — much of that regional information is useless.

Grow Tropical Edible Hedges with These Varieties

By Joshua Burman Thayer, Native Sun Gardens

Have a property line with nothing growing on the border? Have an annoying view of a road or apartment building? Plant for the future and plant an edible hedge with pineapple guava, pomegranate, and berries.


Wild Cherries: A Widespread and Tasty Summer Fruit

By Christopher Nyerges

Wild cherries are one of the most widespread wild shrubs throughout all of North America, according to botanists. The Prunus genus not only includes all wild and domestic cherries, but also nectarines, peaches, plums, and almonds. This is a large group with mostly edible flesh, and seeds that can be toxic but edible once processed

Make Your Farm or Garden Certified Sustainable

Find a sustainability certification that’s right for your plot to add transparency to your growing practices and connect with other proponents of organic agriculture.

Confessions of a Seed Hoarder

By Stephanie Bishop, Bishop Wedding & Floral Art

Nostalgic reminiscing is the motivation behind the author’s seed hoarding and heirloom seed collection.

6 Steps for Beginning Composting

By Beth Smith

So you want to compost but have no idea where to begin? Learn siting, content ratios, turning and timing in this compost guide for beginners.