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Classic Cedarwood and Coconut Milk Shave Soap Recipe

Simple and Natural Soapmaking (Page Street Publishing, 2017), by Jan Berry shares more than 50 homemade soap recipes that use natural ingredients and are easy-to-make. Jan includes step-by-step tutorials and detailed instructions, making this book perfect for soap crafters at any level. This excerpt is from Part 2, ”Soaps from the Forest.” You can purchase this book from the ...

Herbal Remedies

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Creole Healers and Herbs

Growing up in southern Louisiana, it wasn’t unusual to hear the older adults in my family speaking French. My mom would bellow from the back door, “Viens manger,” imploring me and my two older brothers to come inside to eat dinner. My grandparents, who all grew up with French as a first language, still use it to communicate with younger generations, myself included, who ...



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10 Skin-Soothing Superfoods

Great skin is an inside job. All the moisturizers and serums in the world won’t compensate for a poor diet. The foods you eat, and their nutrient content, determine just how healthy your skin is. While many great foods can boost skin health and prevent skin conditions, here are some of the best skin-soothing superfoods. Almonds Almonds contain high amounts of vitamin E, ...

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