Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Elderflower-Infused Honey

By Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis

Infuse honey with fresh elderflowers for an effective remedy against colds and allergies.

DIY Blueberry Dye

By Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis

Make your own homemade organic dye using blueberries.

Salt-Preserved Herbs

By Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis

Preserve herbs with salt to use as rub or in a marinade for meats and grilled vegetables.

Hand Embroidery Tips and Tricks

Keep these guidelines in mind and use these primary stitches while sewing for a blooming project.


Embroidering Allium Flowers

By Kazuko Aoki

Create beautiful floral embroidery to embellish just about anything.

Embroidering Rose Flowers

By Kazuko Aoki

Follow this pattern and guidance for a flawless embroidered Alexandrine Rose.

Coloring Wood Using Natural Dyes

Use these natural dye recipes to make your woodworking shine.

How To Knit Snow Day Mittens

By Mary Scott Huff

Learn how to knit the perfect pair of mittens to keep your hands warm on a cold snow day.