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Our hosts Zach Foley and Charlotte Brunin go in-depth into poultry related topics such as breed selection, disease treatments, nutritious feeds, cool coops, predators, eggs and much much more! 

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Choose the Breed for your Needs
Zach and Charlotte discuss various popular breeds, their attributes, and what resources are available to you to find out more.

Where to Get Chicks
On this episode our hosts discuss where you can purchase your poultry and why you may choose one over another.

All About Incubation
Are you interested in incubating eggs yourself? In this episode we discuss all that you need to know to have a successful hatch.

Hatch Day
Zach and Charlotte discuss how to prepare yourself for hatching chicks.

Brooder Basics
Learn how to prepare your brooder for happy healthy chicks..

Spraddle Legs and More
Learn about spraddle legs, curly toes, scissor beak and how to correct these and other physical conditions in chicks.

Enjoy these episodes from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends podcasts!

Keeping Urban Chickens
Two of our favorite faces of the poultry world, Patricia Foreman and Victoria Miller join Jennifer Pitino of the "Urban Chicken Podcast" to discuss how city chicks make a community better.

Get Started with Chickens
Kellsey Trimble of Grit sits down with some of our favorite poultry experts to discuss getting started with your flock. There are many considerations to keep in mind.

safe behind fence

Troubleshooting Flock Problems
Joe Putnam and Patricia Foreman sit down with Kellsey Trimble of Grit to talk about the problems many flock owners run into, as well as their solutions.

chick in a basket

Profit with Poultry
Many of us joke that our hobby flocks don’t pay the bills. Let’s change that! Patrica Foreman and Victoria Miller join us to share their expertise on monetizing your flock.

Cool Coops
Charlotte Brunin, Amanda Sorrell, Jeanetter Beranger, and Patricia Foreman discuss the considerations you need to take when you are looking for or building a chicken coop.

Poultry Breeds and Species
Kellsey Trimble sits down with Alison Martin and Cindy Gibson to discuss popular poultry breeds and species that you may want to add to your homestead.

Great Guide to Guinea Fowl
Charlotte Brunin and Kellsey Trimble talk flock with two guinea fowl experts, Cindy Gibson and Sharon Dodds, to learn how to keep and train these boisterous birds.

Ducks on Demand
Learn about Jeannette Beranger and Victoria Miller's experiences with a variety of duck breeds, and what they recommend for you!

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