Ep. 160 Freshwater Fishing Tips and Strategies

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we’ve “gone fishin’.” Dennis Biswell, MOTHER EARTH NEWS staff member and lifelong outdoors enthusiast, joins us with rods and lures in tow to discuss fishing best practices. We’ll cover why someone would begin fishing, fishing equipment for beginners, freshwater fishing tips and techniques, outdoor etiquette, and preparedness when you go out on the water.

Dennis Biswell is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys a variety of outdoor activities. He’s been fishing for nearly 60 years. Dennis primarily fishes for pan fish (bluegill, sunfish, crappie), largemouth bass, catfish (channel and flathead catfish), and rough fish such as carp and drum. Per his preference, Dennis chooses to fish on private property in ponds, small watershed lakes, streams, and creeks; and he uses artificial lures, live worms, grubs, grasshoppers, minnows and other small bait fish, and other “natural” bait such as liver and dough baits for carp and channel catfish. He’s written articles on tanning hides, hunting, processing deer, and other outdoor skills in MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Grit magazine. He’s also given presentations at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS on processing deer, tanning hides, creating patterns, sewing home-tanned leather, and outdoor survival skills.

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