Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Planting Leeks

By Pam Dawling

Leeks are a wonderful cold-hardy crop that provide a tasty change from leafy greens and stored roots in the winter. They provide onion-like flavor without pungency and without worries about the plants bolting. By growing appropriate varieties, and transplanting enough, you can provide harvests over several cold months. We plant out in June for fall and winter harvests.

Grow Great Lettuce in Winter

By Pam Dawling

With a little planning, you can harvest fresh, homegrown greens in the coldest season. Ready to learn more? Lettuce begin!

How to Use a Farmer’s Almanac

By Bryan Traficante, GardenInMinutes

A guiding hand for making more educated gardening decisions.

Consider Adding Borage To Your Garden

By Rebecca Harrold

Borage is a valuable plant for an organic garden. It attracts beneficial insects, boosts compost, and provides food and herbal medicine.


Starting Seeds in Hot Weather

By Pam Dawling

Season extension and year-round vegetable production include gardening in hot weather, when there are some particular challenges to overcome. Some seeds are hard to germinate when the weather is hot. The first tool is information on normal germination temperatures for various crops, and ways to achieve the temperature goals. Other techniques include soaking and pre-sprouting seeds.

Artificial Environments and the Proliferation of Industrial Hemp

By Robert Clarke and Mark Merlin

Learn about the recent history of hemp and cannabis.

Graft a Better World

Learn about gorilla grafting and why Bill Whipple thinks that grafting trees can might just save the planet!

Wellness Garden

In this episode of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends our we will discuss how to maintain optimal wellness by enjoying a garden.