Organic Gardening

Learn how to use natural, organic gardening methods to grow the freshest food in your own garden.

Feed the Soil, Build the Ecosystem

By Cindy Conner, Homeplace Earth

Maintaining an organic garden well means paying attention to your soil and your ecosystem. Here are some ideas to help you do that.

Getting Registered as Certified Organic

By Holly Chiantaretto, Hallow Springs Farm

Here are some tips on getting your farm registered as certified organic.

How To Tell When Fruits and Vegetables Are Ready for Harvest

By Benedict Vanheems

From peas and beans, to cabbages, to soft fruits, here’s how to tell when it’s the perfect time to harvest your crops!

How to Save Tomato Seeds Without Giving up the Tomatoes

By Pam Dawling

It is possible to save your own tomato seeds and still use the rest of the tomato for making sauce or salsa. Scooping out the seeds and fermenting them for a few days dissolves the sticky gel around the seeds and also kills some tomato diseases. Next year you can have healthier tomato plants and if you select for early yield you can have more and sooner.


Welcome Beneficial Insects with a Pollinator Garden

By Rebecca Harrold

To encourage pollinators to feel welcome, we filled a small plot with plants attractive to pollinators.

Seed Savers Exchange Seeks Stories Using StoryCorps’ App

By Lydia Noyes

Tech-savvy gardeners can use the StoryCorps app to record and share the stories behind their heirloom seeds.

Heritage Harvest Festival 2017

By Cindy Conner, Homeplace Earth

Heritage Harvest Festival is an annual celebration of food, sustainable agriculture, and the preservation of heritage plants. Many regions have celebrations of their heritage sometime throughout the year, showcasing what has gone before and giving us ideas of how we can move forward with this knowledge.

Start a Permaculture Orchard Using the NAP Method

By Rebecca Harrold

Excited to try permaculture on our country property, we planted a 1-acre permaculture orchard. Our new orchard contains tree fruit, berries and nitrogen-fixers.