Meatless Soup Recipes

Try these meatless soup recipes including homestead vegetable, speedy spud, red bean, creamed celery, good 'n garlicky, garden vegetable, homemade tomato, tomato consommé, creamy corn, curry corn and creamed lettuce soups.

| January/February 1976

Try these meatless soup recipes for a nutritious, low-cost meal made from fresh vegetables out of your own garden.

Low-Cost Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Homestead Vegetable Soup Recipe
Speedy Potato Soup Recipe
Red Bean Soup Recipe
Creamed Celery Soup Recipe
Garlic Soup Recipe
Garden Vegetable Soup Recipe
Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe
Peppy Tomato Consommé Soup Recipe
Creamy Corn Soup Recipe
Curried Corn Soup Recipe
Creamed Lettuce Soup Recipe

Meatless Soup Recipes

Heavy, meaty, high caloric main dishes gobble up more than 35¢ of the average American food dollar. I think that's too much to spend, especially on meals that are bigger and harder to digest than they ought to be.

For that reason, I've worked to develop lighter, less expensive — but still nutritious — meatless soup recipes for the meals I fix. And my favorite creations of all are soups made from nothing but fresh vegetables, clear water, and spices. Such comestibles are filling, warming, healthful and inexpensive. Plus — if, like many MOTHER people, you grow your own vegetables — these soups will cost you almost nothing!

Soup Kitchen Secrets

Here are some of my personal potage practices. I'm happy to share them with you!

A handful of spinach leaves, pounded and added to a soup five minutes or so before serving will produce a fine green color. Parsley or celery leaves work, too.

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