The Pickin Chicken App: Which Chicken Breeds Are Right For You?

| 11/26/2010 8:17:00 AM

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barred holland chicken breed app 

The Pickin’ Chicken app from MOTHER EARTH NEWS helps you select the chicken breeds that are just right for you. Pickin’ Chicken 1.1.4 is available through the App Store, and features 82 breeds and more than 100 varieties. This $2.99 app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Would you like brown egg layers that are also good for meat production? Pickin’ Chicken offers a selection of choices. If you’re looking for an excellent layer in that group, the selector will narrow the options. After you’ve seen the options, you can further narrow your selection to show either “heritage” or “endangered” breeds from the list by tapping a button.

pickin chicken appOne touch of your screen will take you to a more detailed description of each breed or hybrid. Descriptions include free-range foraging ability, purpose (eggs, meat or both), egg size, growth rate, mothering ability, place of origin, conservation status and more.

In “eggspert” advanced search mode, the Pickin’ Chicken app can help you select chicken breeds by even more specific traits, so if you want calm birds that are good foragers but can thrive in smaller spaces, too, the app will guide you to the right breeds. Select purpose, group (standard or bantam), egg size, egg color, lay rate, growth rate, temperament, climate and other traits that you want (including combinations of these), and the app will show you which breeds are the best match. If you’re not looking for specific characteristics, you can simply browse pictures of the 82 breeds in the alphabetical listing.

After you’ve selected the chickens you want each year, the app provides information on caring for them, a glossary of poultry terms and links to other useful resources. Pickin’ Chicken features more than 250 photos. Breed descriptions include information on bantams when available. 

8/8/2013 8:10:32 PM

Just another Android user wishing I could get the app......

3/22/2013 2:55:50 AM

Please create an Android version!

ruth enerson lidstone
2/26/2013 4:40:11 PM

I agree, well said. I pay for a subscription, paper copy. I don't have an i phone, pad, etc.

debra brooks
2/26/2013 1:33:20 PM

Just another andriod user here! I'll bet you've got that already in the works, huh? thanks!

brenda gose
2/25/2013 8:48:33 PM

Well said!

brenda gose
2/25/2013 8:45:16 PM

I agree with the many posters who don't own an ipad etc.. I'm getting chickens for the first time in the spring and this app would really be a help to me. Why can't it be offered for laptops or on this website? Boo

carol tarzwell
2/25/2013 5:03:01 PM

Not everyone has an iphone, ipad or itablet. Please make one for the Android based system.

barbara gillihan
2/25/2013 3:35:09 PM

where's the info for those of us who don't have an i-phone. You talk about "off the grid"... homesteading.... etc... and then offer us info that we can't get????????

10/10/2012 6:54:59 PM

Why" not available in the Trinidad and Tobago app store"???

baruch atta
3/6/2012 6:33:15 PM Henderson's Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart An Alphabetical List of More than 60 Chicken Breeds With Comparative Information - for free. Google "which breed of chicken "

baruch atta
3/6/2012 6:30:54 PM

Chicken picking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chicken picking (or chicken pickin', similar to hybrid picking) is a lead guitar picking style or technique used in country, rock, and metal music where the plucked ...My advice - Google it.

debra caldwell
3/6/2012 3:52:06 PM

I just happened to find this article and kept hoping it would have some info about how us "country folks" could use this contraption. Nothing!! And here I thought I was the type of person Mother Earth News talked about. Might have to look in the mirror again..... not me..... perhaps Mother Earth News. Seems to me you preach "natural", and then off you go into another world most of your readers don't belong in.I have to wonder how many Ipad carrying people actually dig in the ground, grow a garden- of any kind let alone know where veg. and fruit come from other than a can or a store! Trust is an important part of a legacy.. wheres Mother Earth News going?

susan rickman
11/15/2011 4:42:44 PM

Where's the Android App? Oh, right. 25% of Mother Earth Newsies use iStuff. :( I see that you have other apps for the Android market. I cry FOWL!

roland green
10/22/2011 9:08:27 AM

Personally, I prefer books. Old fashioned they may be but nothing beats them as a ready reference, always available and don't need re-charging. As for APPs and iPhones and the like, not everyone can afford the running costs of these items especially here in Ireland. The other thing I have always thought was the thrust of Mother Earth was the promotion of an 'Alternative' lifestyle, one closer to Nature and less reliant on technology, horsepower rather than cubic inches. Mobile phones are all well and good but a computer in my pocket - I'd never get any digging done in the garden.

j.russell bailey
10/21/2011 8:52:00 PM

Ms. Long, it is quite obvious from the comments below, that deciding to put the app on a phone only was not a wise decision, either in the short run or the long run, regardless of your estimation that 25% of your current readership base own IPhones. The reason is straight forward: even by your estimation you are directly insulting 75% of your current readership by purposefully precluding them from being involved with this new and obviously useful program. Pray tell Ms Long, just how is it a wise business choice to insult, deny use of, and exclude 75% of your readers from being able to use a tool which they obviously desire to use, and are willing to pay for upfront? Mother Earth stridently puts forth the concept of 'good stewardship', 'inclusivity', and using what one has most effectively and inexpensively. Your choices and decisions pertaining to the Chicken App are extremely the opposite of what you preach in the pages of Mother Earth: how about some consistency, common sense, and common courtesy? Let the MAJORITY of your readers have access to a tool which would benefit them. Thank you and I look forward to seeing this app in a PC downloaded form sooner, rather than later.

karen b
8/27/2011 7:23:18 PM

Sounds like a really great app but I, too, am waiting for this app to be available for hp, or at the very least as an online interactive page. Not everyone has the "i" brand of smart phone or pad... I have the hp Touchpad instead of the iPad, for example, and only got it a few days ago when it was on super sale. I only have a Blackberry phone because it was a hand me down from a sister when SHE got an i-phone, I'm going to have to wear out this phone AND my previous phone before I spring for a smart phone.

4/16/2011 3:21:21 PM

How do I download this app for my Windows 7 PC

julie obrien
3/9/2011 10:32:13 PM

Please, please - Android !! (Please?)

2/2/2011 4:42:51 PM

Great idea- please create an app for android! I would buy it in a hart beat :)

sean oldfield
1/24/2011 9:34:18 PM

They need to make this into a MAC APP

12/25/2010 10:20:06 AM

The Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector on iPad is a great example of an app that is suited for the form factor of this device instead of the a web browser. The iPad sales have far exceeded sales of iPhones and DVD players, and enjoys the fastest adoption of any consumer electronic device. The app assists you in making your selection among various breeds of chickens based on the the requirements you specify. The versatility of the iPad app demonstrates that it can satisfy the majority of computing requirements for most people. Many people will discover that an iPad eliminates the need the need for a PC.

12/25/2010 9:46:28 AM

responding to Carmen Ortiz and keenan posts of 12/8/2010. The iPhone and iPad offer significant advantages over http web-browser-based for some applications and media. The web browser is NOT the best interface for all apps, despite what Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Web Web, states in Scientific American, in the November 22 issue. Pickin' Chicken is great!

12/25/2010 9:23:15 AM

I am responding to Mona's comment of 12/22/2010 10:56:42 AM You do not need cellphone connectivity to download or run the Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector. You do have an Internet connection already, as evidenced by your posting your comment. Use your Internet connection to download the app to your iPhone/iPad. Once on your device, the app needs no connection via cellphone or Internet. Eric

12/25/2010 9:10:58 AM

One advantage of the Pickin' Chicken Breed Selector is that ALL the data resides locally on your iPad or iPhone after installation. You do not need an Internet connection or web browser to run the app, as the data is on your device, not stored on the Internet cloud.

12/24/2010 11:00:46 PM

I, EricL, purchased for $2.99 the iPad app Pickin Chicken tonight. My wife are very pleased with its functionality. We have a small flock of Rhode Island Reds, 5 hens and 1 rooster, here in Tulsa Oklahoma. I extend high praise to the management, including Cheryl Long, Editor, and Troy Griepentrog, senior associate editor, at Mother Earth News for developing this app for the Apple iPad and iPhone. I am very impressed with your vision, evidenced by your choosing this platform. The Apple iPad and iPhone platforms are incredibly popular with consumers, as evidenced by people buying millions of these devices.

12/23/2010 8:24:32 PM

Can I get the chicken breed thing on the computer or does it have to be on a ipad and iphone?If so how? Kim

12/23/2010 8:15:48 PM

Can you get this so you can look at the breeds on the computer or does it have to be on a iphone or ipad. thanks Kim

troy griepentrog_1
12/22/2010 4:00:50 PM

Hi, I'm a senior associate editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS. We appreciate all of your comments and questions. This is the first app we're offering, and we're learning a great deal in the process. We try to provide information in many formats and realize that not all of them are suitable to every reader. At the same time, it doesn't seem quite right that we shouldn't offer something simply because not all of our readers will be able to access it. (Not everyone has a computer, for example, but we publish information on the Internet.) For those of you who don't have a device that can use the app, we offer the free resources listed in this blog: (They're not quite as fast or as fun, but they provide lots of info.) Versions of the app for Android, other devices or a general online program may be considered in the future, but we don't have specific plans for them yet. Again, thanks for contributing to the discussion. Troy

12/22/2010 12:51:13 PM

i have a blackberry, anything for that?

12/22/2010 10:56:42 AM

I'm disappointed that 'mother earth news' staff has not commented on whether this app will be available via http. I really, really would love this program on my computer. I live in the mountains and don't have cell reception, so I don't have a cell phone. I want this program!

12/21/2010 10:56:25 AM

How about a standalone app? I refuse to own a smartphone let alone an apple product. To the ones who wonder about the apple bashing. I can't speak for the others but for myself. I don't like the company ever since they took the stance you don't own the hardware you are only licensing it from Apple and because of this. You are not allowed to alter the hardware or software installed on said hardware. Just because it's a shiny object doesn't mean it's good for you. Apple does not have your best interest in mind. Only how they can exploit you to increase their bottom line. The line has been drawn, what corporation will you support?

12/20/2010 8:08:02 PM

I'm not sure what all the hating on iPhones is about. Why would anyone assume if someone subscribes to Mother they wouldn't have the "money or skill" to own an iPhone?! Do what? I'm sorry you can't all afford iPhones, or get reception for a cell phone, or know how to use an iPhone.. or like the Android better. Whine, whine, whine, gripe, gripe, gripe, moan, moan, moan You know why I love my subscription to this magazine? It means I can take an article to the kitchen with me, to the sewing machine with me, out in the garden with me, etc. I had never had a smartphone until today, I never begrudged people their apps. I figured when being able to run apps got important enough to me, I'd get one. It got important enough. I have 80 chickens, I have learned a lot from owning them... and still think this sounds like a cool app.

12/20/2010 6:52:29 PM

Oh Man, some of you guys are grumpy! I have an iPhone and I plan on getting chickens this spring. Why would someone assume that just because one has an iPhone, they wouldn't be the type to go out clean poop! I for one am happy about the new app and look forward to using it! Not to say that it wouldn't be nice to be able to use it on my computer but most apps are that way. Oh well! Happy Holidays!

marian lewis wohlsen
12/17/2010 8:52:32 AM

That's a great educational tool (better than the chicken field guide I just bought), let's make it available to your magazine subscribers in various forms too (we use a pc and laptop), AND continue to offer it to the general public on the web as you are. While we pay for a subscription, we applaud your offering educational articles for free on the web to non-subscribers of your magazine. We are retired teachers and currently do research for various projects. We can research many subjects and studies on the web free (see the free WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins web newsletters). Why not the important environmental studies and ethically instructional articles you present? Right on, Mother Earth!

12/14/2010 9:53:12 PM

Excuse my fowl disposition (and my lame attempt at humor) but this decision doesn't make any sense what so ever! If I were making strategic business decisions I'd roll this app in with the subscription to the magazine along with any other future apps - and KEEP it all web based! It already frustrates me that I subscribe to a magazine but only find that most of the good stuff is free on the website. It frustrates me even more when I find that an app that I could use is dangled in front of me only to NEVER be able to use it at all... I work in Information Technology and I do not want a smart phone. I use a laptop for everything, so why not make an app that is web based and supportive of multiple platforms.

12/14/2010 12:34:04 PM


12/10/2010 10:52:59 AM

I have an idea. Why not provide it for free to subscription holders! When I first subscribed to the magazine I thought it would give me exclusive content on the best articles now I'm finding after I get my magazine the best articles are already on the website days before the magazine is in my hands. I like the magazine but am struggling maintaining my subscription when the website has all I want for free! That said, if you provided an extra something, namely this app but as a web driven application, then I'd not let me subscription run out. Especially if you continued to grow these useful applications for your readership. You'd be providing an awesome service, product, and useful knowledge. This would allow those of us who want to learn and put this knowledge to good use do so without having to go and purchase an iphone. I'm a IT professional and I don't even have a cell any longer!! :) Thanks for hearing(reading) me out.

12/9/2010 9:37:13 PM

I am one of those that do use an iphone, I pay for 3 and for me it is well worth the money. And I want to get some chickens and heritage turkeys as soon as I can stay home long enough to take care of them. I often do not have access to my computer or the internet so using the iphone helps me keep in contact with email and I'm just getting into paid apps. I plan on checking out the pickinchicken app but the article did not say what the price was. For me the iphone is worth the money, some of the apps are not.

12/9/2010 4:54:10 PM

I have had my iPhone for only a couple of weeks. This is the only app that I have actually bought. I have learned a lot from this app and had a lot of fun with it. I have hens in a chicken tractor and want to add more and I live in the country.

12/9/2010 2:34:27 PM

Another vote for PC. I love you guys, but I kinda agree with Keenan on the timing of the issues too!

12/8/2010 8:36:15 PM

OK everyone with one of the Ipods or pads that is thinking about buying chickens today, in Dec. raise your Ipod

12/8/2010 6:24:10 PM

My guess is that 99.9% of your readers read about this app on a computer. Since 99.9% covers almost everyone, wouldn't it make sense to hit that market first? Give me a break. Also, it seems that a lot of articles are late in relation to season. I don't need to hear about pickling my just picked peppers in March or tilling the ground for spring in mid summer. How about working on more of a time related time line. I don't need an article on drip irrigation to save my summer crops in late fall after harvesting. How about early summer? How about getting my house prepared for winter in late summer early fall, not late winter, early spring. I have noticed this a lot and can't be the only person to notice that the time lines don't coincide with the articles. Maybe a shakedown on management or someone who can plan ahead?? Besides that,things go well but if it is not in time or too late then it is basically useless. Getting ready for winter should come late summer, early fall. Making tomato chutney should come a month or so before harvest, not 6 months after the killing frost. This is the first time I have written to your mag but there are some def. issues that deter from the quality such as this latest on chickens and eggs. Since most farmers are simple. get back to nature, most don't want to be sitting in the garden, texting someone about how great gardening is.They want relevant info on time in a simple lifestyle manner where the computer can be used at night to answer questions.

carmen ortiz
12/8/2010 5:41:18 PM

Let's pretend that 25% actually own either and iPad or iPhone, which I doubt unless you actually believe that 100% of the readers answered the survey and not just a large portion of the ones with toys. In this economy, you actually believe 30% will be buying either of those two? One thing I'm willing to state as a fact that all the people who are posting here have access to a computer. I'm also willing to bet that most people who can actually afford either a iPad or iPhone in this economy are NOT planning on raising their own chickens and scooping poop.

kevin watkins_2
12/8/2010 4:56:03 PM

Turn off the iphone and the computer and take a ride in the country. You will no doubt find some folks who have been keeping chickens for many years who will gladly share their experience regarding breeds and every other aspect of chicken keeping. If you insist on a cyber resource, check out With 60,000 members this site is a great resource for info and fellowship with other chicken keepers. Good luck!!

12/8/2010 2:24:40 PM

Wow, lots of sour grapes from non-iphone owners, relax everyone! I live way out in the country and almost everyone I know has one! Thanks so much for this great app, just in time for me as we are preparing to start with chickens in the Spring.

terry sterkel
12/8/2010 1:36:48 PM

Who is the dim bulb who thought that this should FIRST be on an iPhone???? seriously, does anyone think "smartphone" when they are planning their chicken brood???? A PC application is far, far smarter, especially as Macs now can run PC applications? second, iPhone has the rep, the dazzle, and the smaller market share. according to IT news, it is less than 1/2 of the android market, and DROPPING! third, hope you did not pay that Nerd any real money to make you embarrassed by something that over 90% of your readers can not use!

karen isaacson
12/8/2010 1:25:01 PM

The application comes to TMEN via Grit, and the Senior Associate Editor said this about that when I, too complained about the specificity of the application re: platform: "The Pickin’ Chicken application is designed for mobile devices. We hope to expand the app to other platforms in the future, but again, they will be for mobile devices." Maybe that survey went to Grit readers, who are more sophisticated, technology-wise, than TMEN readers in someone's mind?

leslie c.
12/8/2010 12:57:21 PM

I think the creator of the app wasn't thinking of MEN when it was created. I saw the app posted on a web group about chickens awhile ago. I agree, don't have an Iphone and don't plan to get one. Would love to see this on the site for us all to use.

diana daniels
12/8/2010 12:05:57 PM

Re: Pickin' Chickens. clong stated Mother Earth did a survey of their readers and 25% had IPhones and 30% planned to buy one. I'm from Missouri. I subscribe to Mother and don't ever recall any such survey. From my own social network I doubt 25% have IPhones. Mother Earth is a down home type of mag that I wouldn't think gears itself to people who have the money and skill to buy IPhones. I am an organic gardener and have chickens but can't access the info while all those folks running around with IPhones who don't have chickens or organic gardens can. What's the problem with making Pickin' Chickens available to the rest of us?

12/8/2010 10:30:09 AM

I think the "Pickin' Chicken" is a great idea, and I add my voice to the chorus for making it available as a web application. Don't own an iPhone or the like, and don't plan to. Thank you!

12/8/2010 10:21:50 AM

My vote is also for an Android and/or PC app.

12/8/2010 10:10:25 AM

I have to agree with most comments on this, please make this app computer compatible! I don't have an iPhone because I don't have cell reception here in the mountains, if I did, I would have one. I would love to be able to use this program, hopefully, a Mac version :-)

karen schoening
12/8/2010 9:29:15 AM

The barred Holland chicken does look similar to a barred rock, but they are two separate breeds. Holland hens lay a white egg while rock hens lay brown eggs. I'm sure there are other differences too. Both breeds come on other colors (white Holland, partridge rock, etc.) I agree with the limited usefullness of an iphone app. A PC/Mac version would be available to a lot more people. I'm already planning my order for next year and this would be helpful if I was able to actually use it. The idea is great, though!

roy mullis
12/7/2010 2:47:44 PM

Editor: I am sure your market researchers are correct on the number of readers that have smart phones, however the iPhone is just one of dozens of smart phones. It is also one rapidly losing its market share. I would estimate that no more than 3% of your readers have an iPhone - if that. You should consider that your readership (tech-savvy or not) is comprised of people who are generally frugal minded. We are, for the most part, unwilling to pay double for a smart phone whose only perk is a status symbol. This application could have been a marketing coup (pun intended), but it is not on a platform we all use. I don't want to insult iPhone users, as I am sure that most of your staff have them (being in the media industry), but we don't. Please look to making applications (like your AWESOME garden planner) in formats such as PC, Flash, or Android. These are a frugal person's platforms, and where you will find the majority of us at. You still have the best magazine in the industry, so you are not losing any readers for this, but you might gain a few subscribers if you convert to accesible formats. Thanks and keep up the good work!

roy mullis
12/7/2010 2:46:56 PM

Editor: I am sure your market researchers are correct on the number of readers that have smart phones, however the iPhone is just one of dozens of smart phones. It is also one rapidly losing its market share. I would estimate that no more than 3% of your readers have an iPhone - if that. You should consider that your readership (tech-savvy or not) is comprised of people who are generally frugal minded. We are, for the most part, unwilling to pay double for a smart phone whose only perk is a status symbol. This application could have been a marketing coup (pun intended), but it is not on a platform we all use. I don't want to insult iPhone users, as I am sure that most of your staff have them (being in the media industry), but we don't. Please look to making applications (like your AWESOME garden planner) in formats such as PC, Flash, or Android. These are a frugal person's platforms, and where you will find the majority of us at. You still have the best magazine in the industry, so you are not losing any readers for this, but you might gain a few subscribers if you convert to accesible formats. Thanks and keep up the good work!

kathy f
12/7/2010 10:19:06 AM

Another vote for Android - and/or for PC.

12/6/2010 4:17:38 PM

We have surveyed a sample of Mother Earth News readers and learned that about 25% of them do own a smart phone, while about 30% of those who do not indicate they plan to buy one by the end of next year. Cheryl Long, Editor

keith karolyi
12/5/2010 7:12:11 PM

LOLs to Sam Sorenson. Point noted. I wouldn't carry my PC out there either. What I was trying to point out was that iphones are not as widespread as PCs and a lot of us who live a ways out of town don't always have great data reception via our cell phones. I'm fortunate enough to have broadband cable internet available here so I'm able to access whatever I need but several friends of mine are stuck with either dial-up or satellite to get their Internet content. We're not whining. We're just the marketplace speaking out which is what motivates other developers to port their programs over to other platforms. Happy homesteading, all!

12/4/2010 7:50:48 PM

I have chickens, Barred Rocks. My chickens look like this chicken. Hummm. I, as well, do not have an iphone or ipad. Farmer cannot afford these toys.

leona deremer
12/4/2010 2:19:50 PM

I don't have an "i phone" however you may want to check that chicken breed again. I maybe wrong but it sure looks like a barred rock hen to me.

sam sorenson
12/3/2010 10:05:52 PM

I've read Mother Earth News for a long, long time. Only recently have I started looking at the website. I used to think that I related with other readers. Now, I'm not so sure. It would seem, from reading comments such as these, that mainly petty whiners read the magazine. So, you don't have an iPhone. Well, neither do I. I'm sure someone somewhere is thinking about bringing this great content to other platforms. Give them time. And in the mean time try to be constructive and seek help for your negativity. Oh, and by the way, I don't think I'd be carrying my PC or Mac out to the chicken coop with me.

j russell bailey
12/3/2010 8:38:25 PM

Ok, everyone's basically said this, the scope of the BLUNDER by whomever chose the platform for this superb sounding app really needs to be repeatedly flogged! Why in the world would any individual in his right mind initialize this program for a phone instead of a PC and Mac? Hey, I get it, you want to jump on the IPhone Bandwagon and get in on all the new rage. Well, in case you've not noticed, the Main Gist of Mother Earth News is about using Old Knowledge in Existing Real World Platforms for better living, a better environment, and less expensive alternatives. New knowledge is also utilized as technologies advance, but within Old History Platforms; homes in the middle of nowhere, homes that were built 50 years ago but are still great....ya gettin this? Earth to Programmer: in case you missed the stats, there are a LOT more PC's and Macs in American (and Canadian) homes than Iphones or Ipads. You have a READY MARKET chomping at the bit and with an overwhelming number of machines all ready bought and paid for just waiting to gobble up your program. Your choice: a brand spanking new platform that most folks in this economy cannot afford to buy much less utilize as a high cost monthly service. Get back to the blackboard, open up the architecture, debug til you're nearly blind and then put out the PC and Mac programs for it. Cheers.

keith karolyi
12/3/2010 7:42:49 PM

Why the heck did the genius behind this choose the iphone as the target platform??? That's kinda like designing a great business application to run on the latest Play Station. It can work but you don't find too many PS consoles in the business offices of America. A web based app, even if it's offered as a subscription service would be FAR more useful to the target audience. Can't say I know too many people trying to simplify their lives who stand out in the fields with their iphones. Just my puzzled two cents worth Peace Keith

lind adams
12/3/2010 5:13:00 PM

I have to go along with a lot of the other commenters, I have to iphone and need this to work on my computer. I was extremely interested in this info so hopefully it will become available to work on the computer.

12/3/2010 4:15:36 PM

One more vote for standard computer use. The only "apps" my phone has is dialing a stored phone number and a camera that takes horrible pictures!

deborah k
12/3/2010 3:32:45 PM

I have no use whatsoever for an "i" app. If you want to include it as an option, fine, but this is just annoying to us 'mere mortals'. Make this sort of thing accessible to people to use on their computers, or don't bother sending it to me at all.

12/3/2010 1:32:10 PM

Really like to see as a regular web app. I don't have nor do I plan to have a smart phone of any variety.

rogers george
12/2/2010 9:22:17 AM

Vote 4 for Android. Hey, I'd settle for a generic .exe app...

12/2/2010 8:36:51 AM

This looks like fun, but I don't have an iPhone or iPad. Is there a way to do this on the computer?

jenna simpson
12/1/2010 12:58:03 AM

Cool! Just what I needed for my springtime chicken pickin'. Can't wait for the next one!

hannah bendock
11/30/2010 9:26:59 PM

I think the app should actually be called "Pickin' ChickenS" with that final "S" added in. That's what's it's called in the write-up, and it makes more sense. With the singular, I think of picking a styrene tray of boneless skinless thighs out of the freezer section. With the plural, I think of actual critters, with personality. And feathers.

janine forton
11/30/2010 11:40:35 AM

An android app would be awesome. *hint, hint

jered reynolds
11/29/2010 11:43:48 PM

Vote #2 for android app

matthew burks
11/26/2010 10:22:41 AM

When will the Android app be available? (Hopefully before spring (nudge, nudge, know what I mean?))

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