Homemade Holiday Food Gift Ideas

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These homemade holiday food gift ideas make for thoughtful gifts during the holiday season.

Learn about homemade holiday food gift ideas you can use for this holiday season.

Homemade Holiday Food Gift Ideas

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Toasted Jerky Crumbles Recipe
Spicy Seasoned Salt Recipe
Brandied Butter-Cheese Spread Recipe
Cheese Beer Spread Recipe
Blue Cheese Cream Cheese Wine Spread Recipe
Head Cheese Recipe
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Beef Suet Mincemeat Pie Recipe
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Cake Recipe

Candy Recipe

Horehound Candy Recipe
Taffy Vinegar Candy Recipe
Maple Syrup Fudge Recipe
Maple Sugar Fudge Recipe
Honey Squares Recipe

Very few store-bought gifts carry the warmth, the
tenderness, the “I’ve been thinking about you” feeling that
just naturally goes with homemade goodies whipped up right
there in your own kitchen.

Do-it-yourself holiday gifts of food come in all sizes,
shapes, and colors . . . and all flavors! Some are for
serving on the very day you give them, and others are for
stashing away until Christmas or New Year’s. (I’ve found
that cakes and breads are particularly welcome when
delivered to a special friend or neighbor for Christmas Eve
supper or a Christmas morning brunch. And more casual
friends, a child’s favorite teacher, etc., always seem
pleased and flattered to receive home-brewed candies,
cheese spreads, and homemade jam . . . especially when the
presents are packaged imaginatively in a reusable

Christmas gift recipes include cheese spread recipes, preserved fruit recipes,
chutney and savory fruit recipes, homemade bread and cookie recipes and homemade candy recipes.

Most of these candy recipes are over 85 years old and were
handed down to me by a distant relative who used them for
more than 40 years on an eastern farm.

And don’t try to keep all this holiday fun to yourself! The
recipes listed here have been specially chosen because I’ve
found them so easy to prepare that the whole family can
take part in the festivities!

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