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Food Travel and Culinary Feasts in Fredericksburg, Texas - Part 1

By Lisa Kivirist

Fredericksburg, Texas, has preserved a welcoming sense of hospitality. Eating well and grabbing a refreshing drink, especially when the mercury tops 100-degrees, is a tradition upon which the thriving tourism industry is based here in Texas Hill Country.

Swapping Sugars in Cooking

By Becky Selengut

Understand how different types of sugars influences the flavors of your foods, and learn how to swap out one for another.

Fixing Under and Over Salted Dishes

By Becky Selengut

Fix your under or over seasoned dishes properly with just the right amount and type of salt.

Using Alcohol in Your Cooking

By Becky Selengut

Recognize how to cook with alcohol and enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes.


Federal Grant Money Brings North Texas Farmers and Local Consumers Together

By RD Copeland

The Red River Valley Local Food Expansion Project bolsters Farmers and Farmers Markets in Wichita Falls, Vernon and Graham with help from the Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant Issued in 2016 by the USDA

Basil Jelly: A Great Use for All of That Basil

By Ed Hudson

Basil jelly is the perfect accompaniment for garlicky buttered bread, morning toast, mixed with cream cheese for a great cracker spread, or used as a riff on the 60s classic meatballs in jelly. For this recipe, I used half-pint jars, but most folks claimed they went through that in one sitting. Give away a jar of this with strawberry jam for the perfect Christmas gift combination.

USDA Reveals New Food Label Regulations

Center for Food Safety

The USDA has finally revealed the new national-level regulations for the food labels on genetically modified products.

Sea Chowder with Shiitake Bacon Recipe

Give the famous New England clam chowder a vegan transformation with this sea chowder with shiitake bacon recipe.