California Salad Recipes

Use these great California salad recipes and salad dressing recipes to incorporate a variety of vegetables into a different salad than you're used to.

| May/June 1978

Try these California salad recipes and salad dressing recipes to add more fresh vegetables to your diet.

Vegetable Salad Recipes

Beet Slaw Recipe
Marinated Tomato Salad Recipe
Date Waldorf Salad Recipe
Carrot-Date-Cabbage Slaw Recipe
Cole Slaw Recipe
Carrot Raisin Salad Recipe
Lemon Honey Dressing Recipe
Sweet Soy Mayonnaise Dressing Recipe
Sesame Salt Recipe
Yogurt Dressing Recipe

In 1974, Kathryn Hannaford of Stockton, California published Cosmic Cookery, a book of protein-balanced recipes that called for no eggs, fish, fowl, or meat. The book was written, she said, not only "for beginners in natural foods cooking, who know little about the endless combinations of nature's delights and the many ways to prepare them," but also "for the experienced vegetarian who's looking for new ideas and inspiration."

Well, Cosmic Cookery — now in its third printing — does indeed provide both information and inspiration aplenty in tons of great salad recipes, and as proof of that, we offer you Kathryn's California salad recipes and salad dressing recipes.

California — more than any other state in the Union — is known for its wonderful, inventive salads. But it doesn't matter where you live: Anyone armed with the following California salad recipes can prepare an unlimited variety of beautiful, tempting, different salads.

To most people, the idea of a salad with a meal means a few tossed lettuce leaves and tomato wedges . . . with maybe some sliced radishes for added color. But when you become aware of the available variety of vegetables that can be used to make really great salads, you'll give that part of the meal more prominence on your table, and perhaps even make the salad course the most colorful and tasty part of your whole lunch or dinner. The following is only a partial list of the many exciting vegetables that can be used in California salad recipes.

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