Learn How to Grow Spinach

Learn how to grow spinach with this helpful guide. Choosing to grow crisp, delicious spinach of unique varieties in fall, winter and spring can lead to great nutritious eating right from your backyard. By knowing the basics of when and how to plant, you can produce a successful harvest. Includes tips on saving seeds for your next harvest, and pest and disease prevention tips.

| October/November 2008

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Learn how to grow spinach. The most nutritious leafy green grown in most gardens — super-cold-hardy spinach — is a top crop for fall, winter and spring. Find out how to grow several varieties such as smooth-leafed, savoyed and semi-savoyed in your garden at home.

Types of Spinach to Try

Spinach varieties vary in the size, shape and texture of the leaves.

Savoyed and semi-savoyed types have dark green leaves — that are puckered or crinkled — and become especially crisp in cold weather. Many of the best varieties for growing through winter have savoyed leaves.

Smooth-leafed spinach is often a lighter shade of green compared to savoyed spinach, but the leaves are easier to wash and the plants tend to grow upright. Fast and easy to grow, smooth-leafed spinach can be gathered as baby greens, or you can let the plants grow to mature size.

Learn When to Plant Spinach

In late winter, beginning six weeks before your average last spring frost date, start seeds indoors or beneath a protective frame outdoors. Make two additional spring sowings at three-week intervals.

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3/1/2009 8:39:15 PM

Don't forget mustard spinach 'Tendergreen'! It is light green, mildly flavored (almost like lettuce), and smooth--some people who dislike spinach like this. Extremely high in Vitamins A and C, and can be used exactly like spinach, although it has no Vitamin K. Good source of calcium, iron and potassium It will also overwhelm other greens in a planting, is fairly bolt resistant and open pollinated.

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