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Frugal Living: Could we be Doing More?

By Carrie Williams Howe

As homesteaders, frugality is part of our day-to-day existence, but is there more for us to learn about what it means to be frugal, and could we enjoy our frugality even more?

A Week of Tetris: And Yes, It's Gonna Fit!

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

Whether it's getting the machinery in the shed, moving literally tons of meat after a freezer breakdown, or fitting the load of wool into the Prius, homesteaders can do it!

Fat and Sassy Kunekune Pigs

By Laura Berlage, North Star Homestead Farms

Friendly and great grazers, here's a peak into life with raising heritage Kunekune pigs on the homestead.


6 Steps to Picking your First Chicken

By David Woods, Log Cabin Hub

This article will walk you through the key things you need to consider when choosing your breed of chicken. From cost efficiency to friendliness to humans, we have covered the six key steps to picking the perfect breed for you.

Why a Kangal Dog is the Perfect Dog to Protect Your Farm

By David Woods, Log Cabin Hub

I want to take the opportunity today to share with you an overview of the breed, why I think they are a perfect flock guardian and some advantages of the breed, in hopes on convincing you of their superb potential.

Foraging for Black Raspberries

By Rebecca Harrold

Black raspberries are a seasonal treat that are well worth the effort it takes to collect them.