MOTHER EARTH NEWS: February/March 2010

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The Best Tomatoes to Grow Where You Live
Organic gardeners in your region provide tomato variety recommendations and growing tips.

40th Anniversary Special Features

Why I Love My MOTHER
We’re celebrating 40 years of MOTHER EARTH NEWS! As part of the festivities, we want to know how MOTHER EARTH NEWS has been useful to and has inspired you. Which projects did you try? Which ideas did you love? Share them here. We’ll choose the top 10 stories, and the authors will win a copy of Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living.

The Race Between Tipping Points: Can We Save Our Civilization?
Renowned environmentalist Lester Brown outlines 10 areas of grave concern and 10 trends that give us reason for hope.

Wise, Wacky and Whiz-bang! Great Ideas from MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Take a look back at some of the most useful and fascinating ideas from 40 years of your original guide to living wisely.

Creating a Sustainable Society: Four Questions We Should Ask
MOTHER EARTH NEWS Publisher and Editorial Director Bryan Welch lays out a vision for a beautiful and abundant future.


Clean Diesel: A New Era of Green Cars
Already sought after for their superior durability and fuel economy, diesel cars may now be a better choice for some drivers than hybrid cars.

The Promise of Thin-film Solar
Are you ready to bring solar power into your home? New and improved photovoltaic panels can help you use more clean, renewable energy.

Growing Your Own Wheat
Wheat grows well across much of the country, so why not plant some in your backyard? Baking with homegrown grain is a delicious way to practice self-sufficiency!

Grow Your Own Poultry Feed
A home poultry flock can contribute to food security — if you’re not totally dependent on purchasing poultry feed. Save money and have a healthier flock by giving your birds homegrown, all-natural feeds.

Chestnuts: How to Grow an American Classic
This fast-growing and productive nut tree can be an excellent addition to any homestead. Find out how to plant, grow and care for chestnut trees, and how to harvest and savor their delicious nuts.


News from MOTHER
40 Years Old and Better Than Ever 

Reader letters on colony collapse disorder, our 100-square-foot garden, industrial meat, making healthy breads, and more. 

Green Gazette
Cleaner Energy from Firewood
Make Your Chain Saw a Precise Cutting Tool
Why a White Roof Is a Cool Roof, for the Planet and Your Pocketbook
Learning to Live on Less
Bringing Bison Back to the Prairie
Water Power + Wind Power = Win!
Browsing for Heritage Breeds

Image by jLasWilson from Pixabay 

Crop at a Glance
Growing Peppers
Spice up your garden (and cuisine) by planting peppers! Learn how to plant, grow, harvest and store these striking, flavorful fruits.

Garden Know-how
Maintain Healthy Garden Soil with Crop Rotations
Discover how you can increase soil fertility and cut down on plant disease by rotating the vegetables in your garden plots on a three-year cycle.

Firsthand Report
Off the Grid and Thriving!
By using renewable energy and growing their own food, Ontario couple Cam and Michelle Mather have created an independent homestead.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
How to Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes
From Shed to Microhouse
Use a Wood-gas Generator to Power Your Truck
Simple Ways to Save Water at Home
Creative Reuses for a Plastic Shower Curtain
Super-easy Flowers That Bloom in Spring
Build a Bigger Bird Feeder
Save Your Heels (of Bread!) 

Ask Our Experts
What Drives the Demand for Diesel?
Best Potatoes to Plant
How to Start a Solar Career
Chickens Eating Eggs
Sour Milk for Cooking