Country Lore: Save Your Bread Heels to Make Bread Crumbs

It's easy to make bread crumbs with dried bread heels, so don't throw them away.

| February/March 2010

bread heels - loaf of bread

After you've used the rest of the loaf for sandwiches, make bread crumbs with the bread heels.


Most folks choose not to use the two heels on a loaf of bread for their sandwiches. Why not use these bread heels to make bread crumbs? To do so, put the crusts in the blender and process.

Patricia Mitchell
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

1/28/2010 12:34:19 PM

I always take the unused heels and dry most of them to make bread crumbs. I dry them and then grind them in my food processor with some italian seasoning. Other heels get cut into 1/2" squares then dried and seasoned for homemade stuffing mix. For storage of the bre bread crumbs I use an empty coffee can and store it in dry area. For storage of the stuffing I use a large zip lock bag and keep it in a dry area. I haven't bought bread crumbs or stuffing in years!

todd reece
1/27/2010 9:15:24 AM

I used to have an aversion to heels for sandwiches when I was younger (like pre-teen) but now that I am an adult and realize that I now what bread costs and have to pay for it, I've look forward to using the heels as my substitute hamburger or deli sandwich "buns". My Dada was right, "you'll appreciate stuff later when you get older...and when it comes out of your wallet." Truer words were never spoken....

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