Country Lore: Build a Large Bird Feeder

This reader concluded a large bird feeder that could hold a whole bag of seed was just the thing to keep her feathered visitors fed and cut down on the need for refills.

| February/March 2010

Winters are long and cold for our feathered friends. I used to have a small bird feeder that had to be refilled every two or three days. But because I usually buy sunflower seeds in 50-pound bags, I decided to build a large bird feeder that would hold 50 pounds of seed!

I usually put most of the seeds into the feeder and spread a couple of pounds on the ground. Now it’s two-and-a-half to three weeks between feeder fill-ups.

I put a wide roof on the feeder to keep the snow out, mounted it on a slick metal pole to discourage cats and raccoons from climbing up to the seed, and used wire screen to hold the seed in, so I can see if it’s getting close to empty.

This sure has made my life easier — and the birds have a steady supply of food.

Nani Jacobsen
Bayard, New Mexico

12/6/2014 7:02:46 PM

Am I missing something? This bird feeder is great-but where are the plans? Please share. TX

Janet Gardner_4
4/8/2010 2:53:18 PM

I have a big problem with Raccoons raiding my birdfeeder at night. By putting out just a small amount each morning, the seeds are gone by nightfall when these pests arrive. It's a little more work putting out seeds each day, but a whole lot cheaper. - Janet

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