MOTHER EARTH NEWS: December 2013/January 2014

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A Step-by-Step Sourdough Recipe Guide
Demystify baking this traditional bread with these instructions for obtaining and maintaining a starter, and two hearty bread recipes to put it to use.


Raising Broiler Chickens
Don’t just wing it! Here’s your how-to guide for filling your freezer with broiler chickens in as little as six weeks from hatch to harvest.

Grow More Food in a Portable Greenhouse
Boost productivity year-round with a do-it-yourself greenhouse you can transport around your plots.

How to Make Cooking Oil and Fat
Pride yourself on doing most of your grocery shopping right in your own backyard? (“Tomatoes? Check. Eggs? Check. Berries? Check.”) Consider taking a new step toward even greater self-sufficiency by learning how to extract nutritious oils from seeds and nuts, render lard and tallow, and make fresh butter.

Herbal Antibiotics: An Effective Defense Against Drug-Resistant ‘Superbugs’
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are becoming more virulent thanks to the overuse of antibiotics. Herbal medicine offers an alternative to increasingly ineffective drugs.

Break the Bank: Build Your Local Economy
Discover ways to help create more local, equitable economic models — and feel good about how you get your goods.


Smarter Home Heating
Grow Delicious Heirloom Corn
DIY Laundry Solutions
Tame Colds With Thyme
Savory Potato Recipes

News From MOTHER
MOTHER Knows (Garden Planning) Best

Reader letters about seed swaps, garden hoops, drafty windows, health insurance and retirement on the homestead, an adoptive mother hen, farmland, working dogs, cities that inspire, and more.

Green Gazette
Fossil Fuel Subsidies: When Taxpayer Dollars Subsidize Environmental Destruction
How ‘Ag-Gag’ Laws Undermine Our Food System
Organic Food Delivery: Online Grocers Bring Healthy Food to Your Doorstep
We Dig the HERS Shovel From Green Heron Tools
FairShare CSA Coalition Awards Health Insurance Rebates for Healthy Eating
The Great Backyard Bird Count

Real Food
Types of Cinnamon: Cassia and True Cinnamons
Cornmeal Pancakes Recipe With Cinnamon-Honey Butter
Delicious Brisket Recipe With Coffee-Cinnamon Crust
Baked Chicken With Cinnamon Recipe
How to Make Sausage at Home: Instructions, Equipment, Recipes
4 Homemade Sausage Recipes

Crop at a Glance
All About Growing Sweet Potatoes
From creamy white sweet potatoes to nutritious purple tubers, there are sweet potato varieties tailored to every gardener’s region and palate.

Beautiful and Abundant
Environmental Problems Are No Match for Human Ingenuity
Inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk leaves little doubt as to just how far vision and imagination can take us. (Very far, and in great style.)

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Install an Indoor Clothesline
Inventive Uses for Wood Ash
Cake Pan Rentals Available at Local Libraries
Make a Homemade Gift Bag for the Holidays
Geriatric (Garden) Support: Homemade Tomato Cages
Best Way to Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs
Make a Sturdy Feed Bag Tote
Taking Stock in Raised Garden Beds
Kitty Litter Mats From Recycled Goods
8 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas
A Homemade Salad Spinner
A Novel Box of Toys
DIY Squirrel Repellent
Solar-Powered Tractor
Lower Domestic Hot Water Costs
DIY ‘Soapstone’ Stove

Ask Our Experts
Sustainable Cork Flooring: Elegant and Eco-Friendly
When to Butcher Laying Hens
House Mouse Control
Know the Drill: What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Drill
How to Keep Fall Crops Fresh

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