8 Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

Here’s a collection of homemade holiday gift ideas, from canning recipes to homemade soap and candy, there’s something for everyone’s budget and taste.

| December 2013/January 2014

Holiday Gifts

Homemade candy never fails to impress.

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After perusing this set of ideas from our Facebook community, we can’t wait to spend a chilly day inside making soap, candy and more.

We fill a cooler for our loved ones with items grown or raised on our property. We include a cut of meat, canned vegetables, potatoes, homemade pie filling and a pre-made lard pie crust. We have a few vegetarians in the mix, so for them we swap out the meat and pie crust for jams, jellies and extra veggies. Everyone loves it! Katie Brooks Jones

We have a homemade candy-making party the day after Thanksgiving. We make numerous varieties, dividing them up between the participants. We then put the candies in gift boxes to give throughout the holidays to all sorts of special people. Our 40-year-old family tradition is much more fun than fighting crowds on Black Friday. Teresa Stebbins

We used to grow our own popcorn and give it as Christmas presents each year. We would fill a Christmas tree-shaped box with it and include the recipe for our homemade caramel popcorn balls. Patty Schneider

My loved ones will be getting a family recipe book filled with mom’s recipes. This will include the “secret” blue-ribbon Apple-Rhubarb Pie recipe and all of her canning recipes that won preservation awards from Ball Canning! It’s now time for the next generation to
carry on the traditions of baking and canning. Elizabeth Hulihan

I make jellies and jams all summer. When birthdays or other special events come along, I make homemade bread to pair with them. Carolyn Vellar

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