DIY Squirrel Repellent

Discourage squirrels from eating bird feed and corn cobs with this simple trick.

| December 2013/January 2014

Squirrel Bird Feeder

Pesky squirrels love feasting on free bird seed.

Photo By Fotolia/User ID 3451

Squirrels used to terrorize our bird feeders. We tried moving the feeders out of the trees and onto poles, but that didn’t help. Special feeders to dissuade the furry bandits were out of my price range. I put out cobs of corn to sidetrack the squirrels, but they took those and still emptied the feeders, too!

After I watched one squirrel climb up the pole while I banged on the kitchen window and yelled to no avail, I had an idea: Crisco. I scooped the shortening out of the tub with a paper towel and smeared it all over the pole. It worked! As an added bonus, I actually got to see a squirrel slide off the pole and run away looking offended.

This slippery DIY squirrel repellent doesn’t bother birds at all, and I haven’t had to reapply the shortening. One application was enough to discourage squirrels all year.

Octavia Ice
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

11/25/2016 4:59:45 PM

Planting my first organic medicinal herb garden and am so excited. I live in southern california so I knew the extreme, unpredictable weather would be an obstacle but I have remained diligent nonetheless. However, the squirrels have become a huge problem and immune to the peppermint, chili oils, etc. I am a bird enthusiast and also a raptor advocate so I also place feathers, etc. in the garden to distract these smart critters. I know they do not go where other animals have gone...well....these are the exception to every squirrel rule. Any and all advice welcome........

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