Great Potato Recipes

All hail the humble spud! If it wasn't for them, you couldn't prepare these great potato recipes.

| December/January 1994

When we were stuck on a farm in the north country during a harsh winter, our choices for dinner on occasion were potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes. Since our homegrown root vegetables kept most of the winter in the root cellar, they were a dependable staple to count on when we were snowed in with the nearest town 5 miles away. Sometimes on a winter morning we'd visit our relatives' farm, where, if we arrived early enough, we could catch the delicious smell of my brother-in-law's famous fried potatoes cooking in a cast-iron skillet over a wood burning stove. He knew some great potato recipes. No need for fried eggs and toast, a plate of spuds was all I needed. Let's face it, they were and are good, cheap, and filling.

Humble—yes, but delicious and nutritious. A plump baked potato contains complex carbohydrates, 5 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat (without added butter), vitamin C, and fiber (if you eat the skin). Potatoes need not be a high sodium, high fat food if you prepare them yourself. It all depends on preparation and toppings.

Potato Varieties

New potatoes Any potatoes that are just harvested have a high moisture and sugar content so they have a sweeter flavor if they're cooked within a few weeks' time.

Long Russets: Hard brown skin and starchy, fluffy interior. The leading variety grown is the Russet Burbank (or the Idaho baking potato). Good for baked, French fried, or mashed potatoes, depending upon the type of russet you use.

Long Whites: Firm, thin-skinned, and waxy, they hold together well and are best for boiling, soups, salads, and casseroles.

Round Reds: Smooth, firm-skinned and waxy, they're excellent for steaming or boiling. The small Red La Soda or Red Pontiac are most commonly sold "new."

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Hi, Just a couple little things with this recipe ;) the line that reads " 1/2 cup canola oil...... the cup honey at the much? And with the instructions: do I assume that the eggs, oil, honey, sugar, cocoa and "cinnamon1tsp vanilla" are after the flour and before the baking soda or would that more likely be before the flour? Thank :)

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