Sustainable Cork Flooring: Elegant and Eco-Friendly

| 11/13/2013 10:35:00 AM

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I’m looking to put in new flooring and want an eco-friendly option. What do you suggest?

Cork HarvestingBamboo, sustainably harvested wood, and linoleum made from recycled content are all eco-friendly flooring options. Also available at most major home improvement stores, cork flooring is competitively priced with other kinds of sustainable flooring, and cork is a beautiful, eco-friendly material.

Cork products are made from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber). Much of the world’s cork comes from forests in Portugal, where the trees’ drought resistance allows them to flourish. Harvesters cut and strip the bark during early summer, a process that removes only the dead outer bark layers while leaving the living cambium intact. The cork trees continue to grow unharmed for about nine years before the bark gets harvested again.

Most of the Portuguese cork oak forests are owned by individual families who — when they’re not harvesting the oak trees’ bark — grow medicinal herbs, produce honey, gather pine nuts, graze cattle, and raise prized Black Spanish pigs on cork oak acorns in the forests.

Sustainable cork flooring is made by mixing an adhesiveCork Paneling with “waste” cork granules from bottle-stopper production. It’s available in a range of finishes, from wood tones to tile look-alikes, and its natural propensity to repel water and provide acoustic insulation are bonus qualities. Keep your eyes peeled for other sustainable cork products as well, including wall insulation that’s growing in popularity in Europe because of its natural fire resistance and sound-proofing ability. If you’d like to learn about and support sustainable cork harvesting, go to Amorim Cork, and choose wine with stoppers made of real cork. Cheers!

(Top) Photo By Patrick Spencer: Cork is hand-harvested about every nine years in a way that allows the cork trees to continue to grow unharmed.

11/22/2013 5:27:44 PM

Nice overview. Cork also has the benefit of being warm on the feet, and slip resistant. Also an acoustic insulator. There also great cork wall panel solutions. As with most flooring products, there are differences in cork flooring, so pay attention to the thickness of the wear layer, types of resins used, and the finish coating. Ceramic or is a plank that has nano ceramic coating, improving its resistance to scratches. MosaiCork , also VersaCork, cork mosaic tiles are solid cork (not chips) cut from actual wine bottle stoppers. These tiles are waterproof and installed with flexible grout. Ideal for wet areas including tub surrounds, even shower pans. Also great for bar tops and wine cellars.

11/22/2013 2:59:13 PM

We really need a "flag" for comments so we can get rid of the spammers like the other comment here. I would have liked to see more examples of cork flooring - styles, colors, companies.

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