Herbal Antibiotics: An Effective Defense Against Drug-Resistant ‘Superbugs’

As the antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as “superbugs” become more numerous and more virulent, herbal medicine offers an alternative to increasingly ineffective drugs.

| December 2013/January 2014

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, known as “superbugs,” are becoming more numerous and more virulent thanks to continuing overuse of antibiotics. Herbal medicine offers an alternative to these increasingly ineffective drugs.

What follows is an excerpt from the book Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria (reprinted with permission from Storey Publishing), in which herbal expert Stephen Harrod Buhner offers compelling evidence that medicinal herbs should be our first line of defense against disease. He explains the roots of drug resistance and why medicinal herbs can work better than pharmaceutical drugs.

Drawing on massive amounts of scientific research, Buhner’s book provides in-depth profiles of and recipes for using the most reliably effective herbs to treat common ailments, such as wounds, urinary tract infections and strep throat, as well as life-threatening methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other infections.

For information on specific herbal medicines you can use to treat maladies such as earaches and staph infections, see the Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments chart.  MOTHER EARTH NEWS

In 1942, the world’s entire supply of penicillin was a mere 64 pounds. By 2009, some 60 million pounds of antibiotics were being used per year in the United States alone, with nearly 30 million pounds deployed on livestock to promote growth and prevent disease on factory farms.

These figures are per year. Year in, year out.

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Thqe article is an excerpt from his book stating why herbal medicines may be more effective than than antibiotics. That's how M E news billed the article. Specific information about the particular herbs and recipes are in the book. However, there is a link to an "herbal remedies for common ailments" list at the beginning of the article.

5/30/2016 6:07:23 PM

Where in this article does it tell you which herbs to use? Last time I read the articles from Mother Earth news.

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