Environmental Problems Are No Match for Human Ingenuity, Part 1

| 11/5/2013 11:44:00 AM

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I want to tell you a true story with a happy ending, one that’s happening right now. Its heroes are engineers, artists, bankers, farmers — and you.

With our eyes figuratively swollen shut because of the steady beating we take from much of the news media, we sometimes can be numb to the amazing technological advances taking place in our time.

I recently found that one sees these advances more clearly through the windshield of a Tesla Model S electric automobile.Tesla Model S

I test-drove the Model S on a country road in the Colorado mountains. The experience blew my mind. I’ll never think of cars in the same way again.

I love cars. I always have, though I do realize they’re a primary source of air pollution, and their thirst for fossil fuels has aggravated other environmental problems, caused political strife and created economic injustice. Automobiles are also astonishing examples of human ingenuity and vision. A good car can be like a beautiful sculpture, a superb piece of furniture, a fine tool, a supercomputer, a thrill ride and a rocket ship, all rolled into one sweet creation.

Then there’s the Tesla. It is all of those things, plus its propulsion does not rely on fossil fuels or involve political strife.

K.C. Compton
11/25/2013 2:54:13 PM

Right now the Tesla is out of reach for many folks. However, it is quite likely the technology will become cheaper and cheaper, in the same way personal computers started out being way more expensive than most people could afford. We now have magnitudes more computing power available on our phones than those first PCs featured. It's predictable that these breakthroughs in automotive technology will be adapted and made increasingly affordable in coming years.

11/18/2013 8:40:18 AM

Cool that there will soon be a compelling, affordable electric car at $40,000! But, affordable for me and my retired contemporaries is more like a quarter of that. And I missed the homey style of Mother Earth throughout this slick piece.

11/18/2013 8:16:24 AM

Do we have the technical creativity, yes. Will it be used, probably not until it is too late and the damage has already been done.

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