MOTHER EARTH NEWS: August/September 2012

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Our 2012 Homesteaders of the Year: Living the Good Life Through Modern Homesteading
These seven families offer inspiring examples of modern homesteading, including a dedication to building self-reliant communities in both rural and urban settings.


Subversive Plots: Grow Your Own Food to Disconnect From the Industrial System
When you learn how to grow your own food and you encourage others to do the same, you’re taking power back into your hands — power over your diet, your health and your wallet.

Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them
Stash a winter’s worth of delicious, homegrown produce — onions, potatoes, leeks, cabbage, apples, squash and more — in the cool corners of your homestead. Stocking up on great food to enjoy throughout the colder months couldn’t be simpler!

Building Earthen Homes Using the Original DIY Material
Adobe, cob, compressed earth blocks and clay-straw building methods are labor-intensive but return tremendous results. Here’s what you need to know to start building with any of these natural materials.

Mortgage-Free Living in a Hand-Built Tiny Home
Hand-built homes expert Lloyd Kahn gives a tour of scaled-down housing circa 2012, spotlighting tiny abodes that run the gamut from elegant to funky, super-cheap to expensive, thoughtfully designed to seat-of-the-pants, just-go-ahead-and-do-it dreaming.

More Affordable Solar Power
Because the source of energy — sunlight — is free, the cost of solar electricity equates to the cost of your system, and solar electric systems have never been more affordable. Now is the right time to consider solar power for your home.

A Better Rainwater-Harvesting System
Think beyond the rain barrel: This simpler, cheaper approach to rainwater harvesting will help you capture much more water for your garden!


Celebrate Homesteading
Plant a Square-Foot Garden
Guide to Making Herbal Teas, Infusions and Tinctures
A Green Clean for Your Sink
Raising Backyard Goats

News From MOTHER
Create Local Celebrations of Modern Homesteading

Reader letters about lowering blood pressure naturally, local wood, making sorghum syrup, nuclear power, fracking, root crop storage, hydropower, genetically modified foods, and more.

Green Gazette
It’s Time to Ban Dangerous Neonicotinoid Pesticides
MAX Hits 100 MPG, You Can Build It
Use PEX-Flex Pipe to Save Money
Cohousing Creates Community
The Farm Bill: Fight for Your Food
Are Organic Standards in Trouble?
Urban and Small Farm Conference
National Solar Tour
Free Cycling Mag: A to B Magazine

Crop at a Glance
Growing Cabbage
Reliability is an admirable trait — in humans for sure, but we’re of course talking about vegetables! Discover top-notch varieties of productive, dependable cabbage, plus learn how to plant, harvest, store and cook up cabbage (sauerkraut, please!).

Homestead Know-How
Homestead Water Sources and Options
Mystified by water pumps and the prospect of digging a well to provide drinking water and more? Wade through your options for finding clean water and making it flow.

Beautiful and Abundant
The Wisdom and Beauty of Frugal Living
The self-reliant lifestyle can be a joyful, profound exercise in humility and self-awareness.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Move a House to the Land You Have
Easy Tomato Purée and Sauce
Guard Llama Protects Poultry
Low-Cost Root Cellar: Bury a Boat!
Prevent Cut Cabbage From Browning
Animal Repellent: Repel Gophers With Cat Feces
DIY Lawn Darts
Delicious Wild Rose Jelly Recipe
Repel Potato Beetles
Bury That Compost
Garden Slug Trap
Mushed Paper Mulch

Ask Our Experts
Winter Cover Crops for Better Soil
Seed Sieves for Seed Saving
Which Deer Repellents Work Best?
Save Work and Time With the Deep Litter Method
Preserving Herbs for Best Flavor

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