Dear MOTHER: August/September 2012

Reader letters about lowering blood pressure naturally, local wood, making sorghum syrup, nuclear power, fracking, root crop storage, hydropower, genetically modified foods, and more.

| August/September 2012

Hibiscus Tea Reduces Blood Pressure 

I want to thank you for literally changing my life! I’ve battled severely high blood pressure for years, and medications haven’t helped. Even with meds, I remained at 155/98 and had trips to the emergency room because of it. Then a few months ago, I read a back issue of your wonderful magazine and there was an article about hibiscus flower tea lowering blood pressure (Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Hibiscus Tea, October/November 2011). I followed the recipe, and after one month, my blood pressure is normal — 117/71. Thank you so much for your endeavor to bring health to our world. 

Marcia Ross
Grass Valley, California

Marcia, thanks for letting us know how well hibiscus tea has worked for you. We’re sending you a copy of the book The Herbal Drugstore, which features even more medicinal uses for herbs. — MOTHER EARTH NEWS 

Our Grand National Parks

I so enjoyed Douglas Chadwick’s article about our national parks (This Land Is Your Land: Why National Parks Matter, June/July 2012).

I’m lucky enough to call Montana my home and thus am able to visit both Yellowstone and Glacier National Park frequently. Each visit is like my first visit and fills me with awe and amazement.

I am so thankful that we have such spectacular places that are protected for the benefit of the wildlife and the public, both now and for future generations.

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