Create Local Celebrations of Modern Homesteading

MOTHER EARTH NEWS and GRIT magazine invite you to take part in International Homesteading Education Month this September.

| August/September 2012

The annual MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS in Pennsylvania and Washington bring thousands of folks seeking ways to live more wisely together with hundreds of inspiring speakers and vendors. The result is what one attendee called “The greatest show on Earth — just minus the clowns!”

But what about those who can’t get away to attend one of the FAIRS? To help you bring this same spirit to your hometown, we’ve launched a new project to foster “Neighbors Helping Neighbors — Building More Self-Reliant Communities.” MOTHER EARTH NEWS and our sister magazine GRIT invite you to celebrate International Homesteading Education Month this September. We’ve created an online hub where everyone can locate events near them. Anyone can register tours, workshops, open houses or other activities. You could even organize a full day or two of events and hold a mini-FAIR! We are promoting Homesteading Education Month and its online hub throughout the summer to more than 6 million magazine readers and website visitors.

Don’t miss out! Everyone is welcome to participate, from individuals to organizations to companies offering products for self-reliant living. Don’t be shy — even if you’ve never done any public speaking, you can give a tour of your innovative livestock setup or your urban food garden, or explain cooking skills such as how to make sauerkraut, cheese, jam or vinegar.

Event topics can include country skills, food preservation, renewable energy systems, raising livestock, cooking, woodworking, fiber arts, or anything else related to modern homesteading and wiser living. How about a local heritage livestock show? Or maybe outdoor canning parties or homebrew tastings?

In addition, anyone interested in sharing their skills and knowledge with others can be listed in the new Speaker Finder, also found on our Homesteading Month website.

Readers often tell us that one of the reasons they love MOTHER EARTH NEWS is because it affirms that there are others “out there” who share a common desire to live lightly on the planet and enjoy self-reliant living. Why not bring “out there” down home? Homesteading Month can help you network with folks living near you who share your interest in modern homesteading.

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