Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

Using Rainwater in Your Home

By Laura Allen

Learn how to bring rainwater indoors to help your home run smoothly and cut your water bill in half.

Off-Grid Log Cabin Built in Alaska

By David Woods, Log Cabin Hub

A VIDEO on how a couple built their own log home in Alaska within 5 months.

Building Greener Appliances

By Jennifer Tuohy

Modern innovations in home appliances are saving us both time and money. Here are some of the newest eco-friendly appliance features.

A 5-Step Guide to Finding a Log Cabin Kit

By David Woods, Log Cabin Hub

David Woods, a professional carpenter, shares his expert opinions on how to find a perfect log cabin kit.


Natural Ways to Purify Your Water at Home

By Megan Wild

Purifying your home's water doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Check out these natural methods for water purification!

Green Roof on a Root Cellar

By Kyle Chandler-Isacksen

How to build a green roof using recycled materials.

‘Home Power’ Magazine Gets Passive Solar, Off-grid Headquarters

By Lloyd Kahn

Richard and Karen Perez are the heart and soul of Home Power magazine, and after some years of living in funky sheds in the woods, they built their own home-powered home/office/hangout in the Oregon woods: off-the-grid, its heat and power provided by sun and wind (and firewood). These guys are walkin’ the walk!