Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

How to Cut a Nice Strait Sill Log Without a Proper Work Place or Equipment

By Manuela and Frank Mueller

After debarking all of the logs the challenge now was to get the sill logs cut nice and strait. Without having a mill or a proper cutting table or stands, we had to figure out a system how that could be done.

Homebuyers Show Greater Interest in Green Living

By Lydia Noyes

Energy-efficient homes are a hot commodity for modern buyers.

Building a New Home? How to Keep It Green

By Megan Wild

Fall is the perfect time to plan construction for your new home. Here's what you need to know to keep it green.

A Debt Free Home from Salvaged Material (and Trial and Error)

By Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Publications

Alan Beckwith is a carpenter, gardener, farmer, jeweler, and hunter. In 1980, he bought 40 acres in the coastal California hills, and built a homestead in a valley, the house on the banks of a year-round creek. It’s a homemade, home-crafted house with gardens and animals all blending together to create a working entity, a self-created place to not just survive, but thrive.


How to Instill Green Practices Into Your Young Family

By Bobbi Peterson

Five ways you can begin to live greener and also save money at the same time with your family.

First Steps for Installing an AC Unit

By Ashley Morse, The Cooling Company

Installing central air is not a simple task, so having all the information you need is important. Installing ceiling fans, energy-efficient curtains, and maintaining the cleanliness of your unit will keep this project economical and environment-friendly. Learn the building codes and safety measures you need to get started installing an AC unit.

How We Purchased an Older Rural Home and Transitioned to Self Sufficiency

By Paul Kuenn

In 1987, my fiancé Jude purchased a 1960s house surrounded by grass within walking distance of city center. Faced with a tight budget, we started with interior repairs, added extra insulation in the attic and dug a small garden in the backyard. Looking back, this would be considered “bliss”. Here’s how we transitioned over three years to self-sufficient, nearly off-grid living.

Setting Up a Solar System and Debarking Logs

By Manuela and Frank Mueller

How do you decide what size of solar system you really need and how to install a ground mount system? Frozen bark on trees and the questions how’s the best way to debark them?