Reduce, Reuse, Rejoice: Decoupage Ornaments

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Design a one-of-a-kind holiday ornament with this simple recipe for decoupaging ornaments.
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Repurposed tissue paper and gift wrap give old glass ornaments a new face.

Around the globe

Give old glass ornaments a facelift. We decoupaged on a new coat with repurposed gift-wrap and tissue paper.

Paper Globes
These ornaments resemble the paper maché and cardboard ornaments that became popular when glass was scarce.

You will need:

• Glass ornaments
• Assorted pieces tissue paper and lightweight gift-wrap
• A small paintbrush
• Mod Podge decoupage medium

Start by tearing narrow strips of wrapping and tissue paper. Torn edges blend most easily and make a smoother surface.

Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the globe and attach a paper strip.

Add another stripe of Mod Podge next to the paper strip being sure to overlap the paper you’ve applied. Continue until globe is completely covered.

If your background paper is solid, you could add small pictures from greeting cards and vintage paper, as we have here.

Allow to dry for several hours or overnight, and then add another layer of Mod Podge to seal the surface and add a gloss.

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