Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

From File To Knife: Make a Bushcraft Knife Using Simple Tools

By Cas van de Goor

Learn how to make your own bushcraft knife using only simple tools and materials, including an old file.

Vintage Cast Iron Radiators: Classic, Efficient and Beautiful

By Steve Maxwell

Steve explains a little about why he chose to install reclaimed cast-iron radiators, including a video tour of his installation.

DIY Garden Lights

By Ruud van Koningsbrugge

These DIY garden lights reuse plastic bottles and provide soft, natural lighting for evenings spent outdoors.

The Aquaponics Source Announces Publication of “Aquaponics Gardening"

Press Release

“Aquaponics Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together” offers advice and insight into the world of sustainable gardening


Make A Rustic Headboard Bench

By Barb Camp

You can make a simple bench for the garden or patio by recycling an old headboard.

DIY Whiskey Barrel Chairs

By Instructables

You can make these outdoor chairs for less than $80 by recycling a whiskey barrel and using a few other supplies from your workshop.

Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator

Press Release

Solve power stroke diesel truck injector problems with Hot Shot’s Secret.

How To Make Sliding Barn Doors Using Skateboard Wheels

By Instructables

Make your barn doors glide with skateboard wheels and other easy to find materials in this DIY project to create sliding barn doors.