Great DIY projects and building plans for anyone who can swing a hammer.

Hot Shot’s Secret Original Stiction Eliminator

Press Release

Solve power stroke diesel truck injector problems with Hot Shot’s Secret.

How To Make Sliding Barn Doors Using Skateboard Wheels

By Instructables

Make your barn doors glide with skateboard wheels and other easy to find materials in this DIY project to create sliding barn doors.

Easy-to-Use Sawbuck for Cutting Firewood

By Bruce McElmurray

This angled log holder makes it easier to cut smaller firewood for your woodstove.

Build Triangular Fence Corner Posts

By Benjamin Hoffman

Use a triangular bracing system to create the strongest wire fence corner posts.


Making Aprons From Recycled Dresses

By Patti Williams

Recycle old dresses by making aprons from the skirt fabric.

Nontoxic Wood Stain

By Kirk Krauss

Make natural wood stains from vegetable juices to create subtle, eco-friendly colors.

Homemade Broadfork

By Nancy Petersen

Learn how to make a homemade broadfork using coil spring harrow tines and some hollow piping. Your new garden tool will make quick work of loosening the soil in your raised beds.

The Write Stuff: DIY Stationery

By Candis Calvert

Use everyday recyclable materials to create personalized DIY stationery.

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