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Best Staple Crops for Building Food Self-Sufficiency
To rely on your garden to feed your family, you need to grow staple crops — those foods that are the basis of the human diet. Here’s how to fill your pantry and boost your food security by cultivating 10 space-efficient, calorie-rich staple crops that return high yields and store easily sans fossil fuels.


Fearless Food Preservation: Pressure Canning Basics
Learn how to use a pressure canner to safely preserve food, and you’ll save money on groceries all year long. (It’s not as scary as you may think.)

DIY Pergola Plans: Made for Shade
Keep your cool under a pergola that brings beauty and comfortable outdoor living to your property.

Use a Portable Sawmill to Make Your Own Lumber
Save big by choosing an affordable, portable bandsaw or chainsaw mill to cut lumber at home.

Overfed and Undernourished: Nutrient Deficiency in Our Modern Diet
Many Americans’ diets are deficient in seven key nutrients. The reason? Industrial agriculture’s push for high yields, plus a food industry conspiring to addict us to processed junk.

Green Remodeling: Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient
You can retrofit your home for cheaper energy bills and a more beautiful, livable space. Five energy experts break down your remodeling options.

Start a Work-From-Home Business
MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers get down to business, offering advice on how to be your own boss.


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Raising Heritage Livestock

News From MOTHER

Buy Organic: Reject Neonicotinoid Insecticides

Reader letters about full-time homesteading, hoop houses, buying a mower, the White House garden, pesticide drift, broody hens, distinguishing sorghum from molasses, the legality of home distilling, and more.

Green Gazette
Support Local Food With Slow Money
Nonprofit Environmental Magazines
New Grain Bin Homes by Sukup
Beginning Farmer Loans: New Microloan Program for Small Farms
New Wave Energy Project in Oregon
Interactive Endangered Species Map

Crop at a Glance
All About Growing Pumpkins
Growing your own pumpkins is as easy as pie! Find out when to plant and how to harvest, cure, cook and store all kinds of pumpkins, including oilseed and moschata varieties.

Real Food
Peachy Keen Peach Recipes: Putting Summer’s Sweetest Fruit to Use
Peach Pie Recipe With Bacon-Cornmeal Topping
Smoked Peaches Recipe
Simple Peach Leather Recipe
Move Over, Ketchup. Hello, Homemade Chutney!
Beginner’s Pepper-Peach Chutney Recipe

Beautiful and Abundant
Self-Sufficient Living in Action
An intentional community in Texas practices what it teaches, from horse farming and organic gardening to living with love for God, the land and each other.

Homestead Know-How
Sell Your Surplus With a Farmstand
Try these strategies the next time your garden, chickens, cows or goats produce beyond your wildest dreams.

Country Lore: Readers’ Tips to Live By
Garbage Men Band: Musical Instruments From Recycled Materials
How to Eliminate Spiders
Backyard Chicken Facts: 5 Things No One Told Us
Gorgeous Garden Salad
Paint Tree Trunks to Prevent Rodent Damage
Harvesting Rainwater for a Potable Water Supply
Natural Window Shade
Compact Emergency Water Containers
Simple Garden Rake Repair
Extend Your Tomato-Growing Season
Hand-Held Bug Zappers

Ask Our Experts
Onion Flowers and Garlic Flowers
Organic Fertilizer Best Buys
Safer Exterior Wood Finishes
Growing Organic Apples
How to Dispose of Treated Wood
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