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Check out these nonprofit environmental magazines for a wide range of coverage, including articles on environmental news and sustainable living.

| June/July 2013

YES! Magazine

Winter 2013 cover of YES! Magazine.

Photo Courtesy YES! Magazine

When it comes to speaking up on environmental issues, a chorus is definitely stronger than a single voice. That’s why, as much as you may love your MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine (and we hope you do!), having a look at what other ecologically minded publications are doing can further inspire you and deepen the breadth of your knowledge.

In recent years, many such publications have found a home in the nonprofit sector. Among other advantages, this means individual donations to them are tax-deductible, and they can more easily receive support from foundations. But while nonprofit journalism contributes to a more diverse media, nonprofit status can’t be taken for granted. More than other types of print media, the success of this sector rests almost solely on government policy decisions.

For the past couple of years, some U.S. media organizations filing for nonprofit status have faced long delays and lots of scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service, the government agency that makes the “nonprofit” determination. The delays have had a chilling effect on the formation of new nonprofit media, which is bad news for anyone who values a variety of opinions. Fortunately, the situation seemed to be improving toward the end of 2012, when several media organizations were finally granted nonprofit status.

Let’s celebrate media diversity by browsing a few environmental magazines that are putting out top-notch content and contributing to the growing conversation about sustainability. The three publications featured here are all nonprofit magazines.

YES! Magazine. This magazine approaches sustainable living with a positive attitude and a focus on solutions. Its tagline is “Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions,” and its mission is to help readers envision a positive future.

Each issue has a large themed section. For example, the Winter 2013 issue explored the question “What Would Nature Do?” with articles on biomimicry, permaculture, the logic of eating invasive species, and the benefits of constructing wetlands for sewage treatment. Other recent themes were “It’s Your Body,” focused on health, and “Making It Home,” discussing sustainable, affordable homes. Pick up an issue to dive into some imaginative solutions to environmental problems.

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Don't forget the wonderful High Country News. This non-profit magazine produces award-winning, in-depth journalism covering the American West's public lands, water, natural resources, grazing, wilderness, wildlife, logging, politics, communities, growth and other issues now changing the face of the West.

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