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Sell Your Excess Solar Power Back to the Grid with Net Metering

By Ryan Willemsen, Solar to the People

Net energy metering, is the process through which homeowners with solar power receive credit for the excess power they generate. In this article, we dig into how net metering works, which states offer it, and how homeowners can participate in net metering programs.

When Will Tesla's Solar Roof be Available, and Should You Wait for It?

By Vikram Aggarwal

The Tesla solar roof expected to reach homes before the end of 2017, leading many homeowners to wonder – is it worth waiting for, or should you install solar panels now?

DIY Wind Turbine

Story and photos by Robert D. Copeland

Turn a car alternator into alternative energy by building this cheap and easy homemade wind generator.

Off The Grid: How To Power Your Disconnected Lifestyle

By Sarah Kezer

How to power your off the grid lifestyle with renewable energy.


How Have Solar Panel Cost and Efficiency Changed Over Time?

By Vikram Aggarwal

It’s only in the last ten years or so that solar has really taken off as a renewable energy source, and there’s a major reason why: the steady improvement of both solar panel cost and solar panel efficiency over time.

How to Save on Solar With Net Metering

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

What is net metering and how can it help you save hundreds of dollars each year?

Sustainable Energy Inside City Limits

Join Kale Roberts and Dan Chiras as they discuss the numerous ways that an urban homestead can become more energy efficient.

Solar Panel ROI Guide

By Sarah Kezer, 123SolarPower

How to get the greatest return on investment for your solar power system.