Renewable Energy

The best advice on energy efficiency, solar power, wind energy, living off the grid, and more.

Harnessing the Sun with a Solar Oven to Make Blue Hopi Cornbread

By Jonathan Olivier

In Gila, New Mexico, the abundant sunshine lends to cooking with a solar oven, completely off the grid.

Off-Grid Homesteading in Vermont

By Ashley Hetrick, Vermont Mango Plantation

After six years on our homestead, I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

3 Tips for Selling a Home with Solar Panels

By Sarah Hancock

Have a solar energy system on your roof and need to sell your home? Read these tips to help make the process go more smoothly.

Solar Pioneer Party

By Aur Beck, Advanced Energy Solutions Group

Solar pioneers celebrates premiere of ‘Solar Roots: The Pioneers of PV’ documentary film.

Shed Light on the Value of Solar with these Solar Calculators

By Ryan Willemsen

Solar calculators help you determine whether solar panels installed at your home or business will save money over electricity pulled from the grid.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Home with Solar Panels

By Sarah Hancock,

Thinking about purchasing a home with a solar energy system? Don’t make your decision before checking out these tips.