Renewable Energy

The best advice on energy efficiency, solar power, wind energy, living off the grid, and more.

Benefits of Personal Energy Independence

By Aur Beck, Advanced Energy Solutions Group

Producing your own energy increases your homestead self-sufficiency.

10 Off-Grid Myths

By Paul Scheckel

What is it like to go off-grid? Ten myths confirmed or debunked.

Canary Islands Move Towards Wave Power


The Canary Islands have begun installations for the first wave-powered electricity system for the islands, and hope to inspire more island nations to follow their lead.

5 Questions for Living Off Grid

By Aur Beck, Advanced Energy Solutions Group

5 Questions for living off grid answered by long time solar pioneer Aur Da Energy Mon.


5 Facts You May Not Know About Installing Solar

By Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage

Thanks to the financial and environmental benefits of installing solar panels, this renewable energy technology shows no signs of slowing down. Here are five facts you may not know about going solar.

Harnessing the Sun with a Solar Oven to Make Blue Hopi Cornbread

By Jonathan Olivier

In Gila, New Mexico, the abundant sunshine lends to cooking with a solar oven, completely off the grid.

Off-Grid Homesteading in Vermont

By Ashley Hetrick, Vermont Mango Plantation

After six years on our homestead, I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

3 Tips for Selling a Home with Solar Panels

By Sarah Hancock

Have a solar energy system on your roof and need to sell your home? Read these tips to help make the process go more smoothly.