Using Natural Baking Ingredients to Create Healthy Vegetarian Desserts

An accomplished young cook, Julie Jordan, creates tasty, healthy vegetarian desserts using natural baking ingredients.

| March/April 1978

An apple cake layer following Julie Jordan's recipe in her book Wings of Life: Vegetarian Cookery.

An apple cake layer following Julie Jordan's recipe in her book Wings of Life: Vegetarian Cookery.

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These healthy vegetarian desserts are delicious and nutritious because they use all natural ingredients.

Healthy Vegetarian Desserts

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At 26, Julie Jordan already has quite a number of accomplishments to her credit. She's studied cooking at the Cordon Bleu in London and graduate nutrition and food science at New York's Cornell University and at Cabrillo College, California. She's then put what she's learned to good use as a professional cook at the MacDowell Artists' Colony in New Hampshire. And — in addition to teaching, lecturing and writing (the book from which the following vegetarian recipes are reprinted, for instance) — Ms. Jordan now owns and operates a highly successful vegetarian restaurant — the Cabbagetown Cafe — in Ithaca, New York.

Julie's quite intense about her chosen profession. "There's a new kind of cooking," she writes, "rising, bubbling, sprouting in our land. It's strong cooking, based solidly on foods the earth offers us. It's delicious cooking, flavored with the spices and traditional ingredients of many different cultures. But most of all, it's cooking that's bursting with creativity and genuine enjoyment of food."

In keeping with those observations, there are many excellent natural foods cookbooks available these days. But Julie's Wings of Life is one of the few to offer — besides recipes for appetizing breads and sauces and vegetable dishes — directions for putting together some of the most wonderful vegetarian desserts we've seen anywhere. And it's six of those marvelous vegetarian desserts that we've chosen as examples of Julie's inspired culinary style.

Oh, and — just in case you're wondering — Wings of Life takes its name from a compliment once paid to one of Julie's heavenly untested loaves: "Thanks for the bread. That's not staff of life bread . . . it's wings."

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