“Floriani Red Flint” Heirloom Corn

It has been a great pleasure to welcome back a wonderful-tasting red grain corn from Italy — ‘Floriani Red Flint.’ The distinct color, remarkable taste and superior nutritional value of this heirloom corn variety make it worthy of a place in every homesteader’s garden as a perfect staple crop. It’s easy for any household to harvest, store and process it into flour and cornmeal, making it a more versatile grain staple than wheat. Plus, cornmeal of whole-grain varieites, such as Floriani, is more nutritious than de-germed yellow cornmeal.

Check out our collection of articles about the history of ‘Floriani Red Flint’ corn, plus growing tips to help you include this variety in your garden. Learn about the nutritional superiority of this heirloom corn variety, then enjoy experimenting with our delcious and nutritious recipes that highlight this distinguished variety. And if you’re interested in purchasing the corn to grind for cornmeal, go to this website.

Floriani Red Flint Grain Corn: The Perfect Staple Crop for Every Homestead
‘Floriani Red Flint,’ a flavorful heirloom grain corn, is easy to grow, productive and exceptionally flavorful. Learn about its history and incredible nutritional value, and try our recipes for delicious cornbread, scrapple, polenta and corn pancakes. Changing the grain processing system, which is dominated by cheap, nutritionally lacking foods, will require a demand for heirloom corn varieties such as Floriani, and MOTHER is excited to spread the word about this corn!

The Return of a Great Corn Variety

From North America to Italy and back again, heirloom grain corn ‘Floriani Red Flint’ packs a rich, warm, complex flavor. Find out more about this unique variety, how to find it and the delicious treats you can make with it.

Holy Whole-Grain Corn Nutrition
Cornmeal of whole-grain varieties, such as ‘Floriani Red Flint,’ is much more nutritious than de-germed yellow cornmeal (the type typically sold in supermarkets because of its long shelf life). Our testing shows that Floriani is an especially good source of fiber, protein and minerals.

Delicious Floriani Grain Corn Recipes
If you’ve never cooked or baked with ‘Floriani Red Flint’ grain corn, you’re missing out! Here are some yummy Floriani recipes, including polenta, pizza crust, hush puppies and corn mush, for you to try. You’ll be surprised at what a stunning display and excellent flavor this heirloom corn variety provides for your table whether served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Floriani Polenta
    Learn to make hearty grits, or polenta, by grinding Floriani corn and making polenta by cooking it in a microwave, baking in the oven or using the traditional stovetop method.
  • Baked Floriani Corn Mush
    Looking for an easy and delicious breakfast dish? Try this backed corn mush recipe. Prepare it the night before for a quick meal the next morning!
  • Corn Pancakes a la Floriani
    Using Floriani heirloom cornmeal gives a deliciously nutritious kick to your breakfast pancakes. Warning: Breakfast for dinner may become a regular event!
  • Floriani Cornmeal Pizza Crust
    To give your pizza a firm, hearty crust, try this recipe made with whole-grain Floriani corn.
  • Floriani Hush Puppies With Chipotle Sauce
    Craving something fried? Try these delicious Floriani hush puppies dipped in a savory chipotle sauce for a spicy twist to satisfy your craving.
  • Shrimp and (Really Good) Grits With Greens Recipe
    This Southern specialy is always a crowd pleaser, but using Floriani heirloom grain corn will knock the quality of your grits up a definite notch (or two).
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