Growing Tomatoes: A Collection of Expert Advice

Growing TomatoesMost gardeners put growing tomatoes at the very top of their gardening must-do lists thanks to the incomparable flavors of this easy-to-grow crop. Even if you don’t have a garden plot, you can easily grow a few tomatoes in self-watering 5-gallon buckets, or enjoy cherry tomatoes grown in a hanging basket. So why is this crop so popular with so many gardeners? Here’s how Amy Goldman explains it in her remarkable book, The Heirloom Tomato

“I have learned that heirloom tomatoes, ripened on the vine in full sun, are the most delicious tomatoes of all.  People long for more natural beauty, more flavor, and better nutrition on their dinner plates. Tomato land in America is dominated by commercial F1 hybrids with only their unyielding flesh to recommend them to the consumer. These hybrid tomatoes, bred to be grown in high plant densities and harvested mechanically, are a tool of industry and the market economy. Hybrids reduce biodiversity and prevent farmers and gardeners from saving seed to regrow. Heirloom tomatoes are the natural alternative: capable of breeding true from seed (unlike F1 hybrids) and designed to be homegrown.”

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