Organic Pest Control and Garden Products Finder


A broadfork such as this one is an excellent tool for preparing planting beds without turning over the natural soil layers. This hard-to-find tool is available from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

Something munchin’ on your beans? Can’t remember how to squish squash bugs before they squash your squash vines?

Our new Organic Pest Control and Garden Products Finder can help. We’ve created this custom search tool to make it easier to find mail order sources for whatever gardening products you need. This finder searches the websites of about 30 mail order companies that carry the best selections of organic insecticides, tools and other products. You’ll get high-quality Google search results, but only from the sites we’ve pre-selected — so you don’t have to wade through so much search-results clutter to find what you need!

And because every gardener often needs help diagnosing what the culprit is and remembering which products are the best choices against each pest, we’ve included the best university pest diagnosis and advice websites. 

That means you can use this finder to diagnose a pest problem:  search “tiny holes in eggplant leaves?”  (Answer:  flea beetles.)

And then to find the best organic treatment: search “organic controls for flea beetles”  (Answer:  spinosad)

And finally, to find mail-order sources and compare prices:  search “spinosad.”

Simply enter the symptoms you want to diagnose, or the product you are shopping for, in the search box below.

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