A Homemade Recycled Tomato Cage

Use PVC pipe for an easy-to-build, storable and easy watering homemade recycled tomato cage that will last season after season.

| February/March 1997

Build a homemade recycled tomato cage from PVC pipes to last season after season. 

It was the best of the times. It was the worst of times. My success fed my failure. My tomato plants were wonderful, huge with lots of fruit — yes, botanically tomatoes are fruit — slowly ripening in the warm summer sun. I was failing because those tiny wire tomato cages I was using kept falling over, stressing and sometimes breaking the stems.

This was the situation by the end of the summer of '93. My tomato patch looked like a modern art sculpture — string, wire, wooden stakes — all intertwined with tomatoes. Anything to hold up those plants until harvest. I had to find something better by next summer, something inexpensive, lasting, easy to store and strong enough to hold my plants. As I thought about it, the scrounger in me took over.

Homemade Recycled Tomato Cage: Materials

Three 3-foot-3-inch (or longer) pieces of white PVC pipe or cut a 10-foot piece into three equal pieces.

A total of 15 feet of electrical conduit, cut into six 20-inch pieces.

Note: The dimensions can vary. If you're scrounging, any size will work.

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Dave Schemmel
4/15/2013 3:42:58 PM

This is a great idea for gardening, although I do agree with ronf2 that a doomsday mentality is damaging overall. I run a website for tomato cage products, please feel free to let me know what you think.

10/20/2010 5:23:29 PM

There is danger in every aspect of our lives. While ignoring our genetic food, drinking water, teflon, come on! We are looking at a good idea for the garden. It must suck to view everything though the eyes of a doomsday mentallity.

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