Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Monticello’s 11th Annual Harvest Festival: Following Jefferson's Passion For Gardening

By Kurt Jacobson

A look at what happens at this fantastic harvest festival in Virginia.

Savory, Satisfying Venison Recipes

By Hank Shaw

Learn the quirks of cooking with venison and use it in these flavorful preparations.

Brewing Beer: The Basics

By Chris Colby

Bottle your own beer by using four ingredients and following just four steps.

Kale Salad Recipe

By Carole Coates

Want a quick and easy recipe that will give you healthy meals for a whole week? How about a recipe that uses up excess kale from the garden or grocery store? You’ve come to the right place.


Make Your Own Pectin for Homemade Jams and Jellies

By Wendy Akin

You can make your own pectin for summer jams and jellies. It’s easy, it’s economical, and you can make summer fruit jams with less sugar and less cooking.

Sea Stag Fermented Sauerkraut from The Brinery

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

Getting nutritious and flavorful fermented foods is easy in Ann Arbor, Michigan, thanks, in part, to The Brinery. Savor David Klingenberger’s unique recipe for Sea Stag Fermented Sauerkraut that uses burdock root and turmeric.

Quick Healthy Salad using Farm Fresh Ingredients and Honey Smoked Salmon

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

Easily transform your garden-fresh salad into a super-food meal with honey smoked salmon from the Honey Smoked Fish Company, one of the exhibitors at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show held in Chicago every May.

Vegetarian Quiche Recipe

By Carole Coates

Looking for an elegant, easy meal to serve guests? Looking for a way to use up excess eggs? Look no further. I've got you covered.