Apple Resources

Over the years, MOTHER EARTH NEWS has accumulated a wealth of apple knowledge. In this collection of apple cider resources, you'll learn everything you need to turn fresh, juicy apples into delicious, sweet cider. 

apple cider

In this collection of cider features, we take you through the entire cider-making adventure — starting with planning and planting your own apple orchard. After you’ve successfully harvested fall's sweetest crop, learn how to build and use a cider press or mill. Then, follow our recipes to make your own delicious, homemade cider. Learn how to use apple cider in recipes to add a refreshingly sweet twist to old standbys. This collection of articles will help you savor the taste of fall year-round.

Starting an Apple Orchard

Growing Fruit Trees on Your Homestead
A detailed discussion of choosing, growing and pruning fruit trees in your home orchard.

Managing an Apple Orchard
Take a close-up look at the process of managing an apple orchard and tips on apples that make quality homemade cider.

Growing Apple Trees Ecologically: A Guide to Low-Spray Orchards
By choosing apple varieties and rootstocks adapted to your area's climate and pests, keeping trees healthy through good site selection, and using biological controls, you can grow high-quality, low-spray apples.