Cooking With Whole Wheat: 7 Simple Recipes

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Cooking with whole wheat is a smart, easy way to add nutrition and flavor to any meal.

Cooking with whole wheat is simple, this hearty grain adds nutrition and flavor to any meal. Try these recipes for whole wheat bread, gingerbread, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, muffins and cupcakes.

Healthy Whole Wheat Recipes

Whole Wheat Biscuit Recipe
Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
Whole Wheat Cupcake Recipe
Whole Wheat Gingerbread Recipe
Whole Wheat Muffin Recipe
Whole Wheat Pancake Recipe
Whole Wheat Waffle Recipe

Cooking With Whole Wheat

The next time you get out your grain mill to grind some fresh-ground whole wheat, whip up one of these delicious, old-fashioned recipes. (Not yet into grinding your own? Learn more in Using a Grain Mill.)

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