Ep. 162 Poultry Profits: Offsetting the Cost of Raising Chickens

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Matt Wilkinson of Hard Cider Homestead shares some advice and experience on offsetting the cost of raising chickens and making a profit from your poultry. We’ll primarily be covering how to plan for a successful egg or meat bird business, and Matt will share some marketing tidbits on selling chicken eggs from home, and how you and your chickens can stand out in the market wherever you set up shop.

Matt Wilkinson and his family own and operate Hard Cider Homestead in New Jersey, where they currently run an Airbnb out of a 1950s Frolic trailer. He’s presented at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, since its inception, and is well-known for his humor, knowledge, and easy-to-understand explanations of homesteading techniques and systems. Find him in 2023 at the Texas FAIR and MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR online.

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