Ep. 105 Candling and Embryos

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In this episode of “Mother Earth News and Friends,” Pascale Deffieux-Pearce of Brinsea USA and editor Jessica Mitchell discuss a chicken embryo’s development inside an egg, and how to candle those eggs to check for signs of healthy growth.

Pascale Deffieux-Pearce is the executive vice president of Brinsea USA. A native of France, Pascale is a graduate of Bordeaux Business School, where she earned a master’s degree in business administration specializing in International Trade.

She started her career in the United Kingdom in 1994 as Brinsea’s Export Manager, and joined Brinsea USA in 1998 shortly after its creation, where she was in charge of business development before becoming executive vice president.

With more than 25 years of experience in the bird breeding and animal intensive care market, Pascale enjoys sharing her knowledge of incubation with backyard breeders to make hatching an enjoyable experience that they’ll want to repeat.

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