Ep. 54 Grants

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In this episode of Mother News and Friends podcast, we discuss writing grants and finding free money to help your homestead dreams come true.

Jessica Mitchell, Assistant Editor

Jessica joined the editorial staff in 2017, and loves working for impactful magazines. She moved from Pennsylvania, her lifelong home, to Kansas, and quickly fell in love with the small towns and open skies — though she does miss the Pennsylvania mountains. Outside of editing, you can find Jessica hunkered in the library, binging on animated movies, wandering the Kansas trails, tinkering on the piano, or brewing tea by the liter.

You can connect with Jessica on Instagram, and follow her adventures through her nature and art blog, Fluttering Pages.

Michele Beener

Michele is the president of Aspire Grant & Development, and owner of Chippewa Farms, a historic Black Angus farm. She is a member of the National Grants Management Association and a registered grant reviewer for a branch of the federal government. Currently, her firm is managing more than $36 million in competitive grants awards. Beener holds a graduate degree in business ethics from Duquesne University. She has a special interest in grants to support agriculture and sustainability.

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