Lengthen the Growing Season Without a Greenhouse

How to lengthen the growing season without a greenhouse using plastic tunnels, includes information on how to build the tunnel cloche, the cold frame, how to use a cloche or frame and venting the cloche and cold frame.

| September/October 1985

Learn how to lengthen the growing season to grow winter greens without the use of a greenhouse. (See the extended garden photos and diagrams in the image gallery.)

All right, so don't have a $5,000 solar greenhouse. That doesn't mean you can't grow your very own fresh winter greens.

Fall. A few lights frosts, some frantic scrambling to pick everything salvageable from the garden, and then— wham ! A hard freeze hits. All your plants die. Time to call it quits . . . another gardening year is finished.

Ahhh, but wouldn't it be nice if you could keep your crops growing? If you could lengthen the growing season, step outdoors in the winter and harvest a few vegetables to sustain you through those long months of preserved and purchased produce?

Well, the good news is that you can do just that. The better news is that doing so won't cost you an arm and a leg; we're not talking here about building a full-sized solar greenhouse. And the best news is that—if you hop to it—you can do it this very fall, in time to have your own cold-weather harvest.

This article will tell you how to build MOTHER's gardeners' two favorite low-cost, season-extending devices . . . how to use and maintain them . . . and what crops to raise in them.

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