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How to Buy the Right Woodstove or Build and Install Your Own.

A simple woodstove can transform a house in to a home. If you are thinking of buying a woodstove or already have one, you have come to the right place. We have more than 20 articles for your specific needs. We have information about which woodstove to buy and how to install it. Or for those handy people, we have DIY woodstove articles. And if you already have a woodstove, we have plenty of tips for safe woodstove use and recipes for woodstove cooking.

Guide to Buying Woodstoves and Woodstove Installation

How to Chose the Right Woodstove  By John Gulland

Follow this step-by-step advice to find the woodstoveof your dreams with the proper combustion system, heating capacity and style for your home.

Woodstove Buyer’s GuideBy John Gullland

The golden glow and cozy warmth of a wood fire have drawn family and friends to the hearth. A woodstove truly does help transform a house into a home. But here in the super-high-tech 21st century, does a return to our heritage heating fuel make sense for your household?

The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to WoodstovesBy MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Find out everything you need to know about using woodstoves to heat your home cleanly, safely, and efficiently with our comprehensive guide, including chimney safety requirements and firewood recommendations.

Guide to Wood and Coal StovesBy John Vivian

What you need to know about efficient woodstoves and government regulations for wood burning stoves and indoor air quality. Covers new-generation woodstoves, high-tech woodstoves, pellet burners, thermal-mass firestoves and coal stoves.

Modern WoodstovesBy Gary Turbak

Whether you’re looking for catalytic combustors, pellet fuel or an update to your old stove, MOTHER ‘s guide to the more efficient, environmentally conscious woodstoves can help you find the option that’s best for you.

Woodstoves- Common Sense Selection TipsBy Bruce McElmurray

Our good and bad decisions on selecting a dealer and a woodstove.

Certified Woodstove List from the OregonBy MOTHER EARTH NEWS Editors

Information on woodstove models that are certified to be environmentally-friendly through the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for April 1986.

Safe Woodstove Installation: How to Use a Thermal BarrierBy MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Here are two low-cost approaches to safe woodstoveinstallation.

Guide to Installing a WoodstoveBy MOTHER EARTH NEWS Editors

Guide to installing a woodstove, including building code requirements, moving heavy heaters, proper chimney installation, clearances, connections and working with sheet metal.

DIY Woodstove

The Amazing $500 Wood-burning Stove … That You Can Build for $35 (or Less!)By Mother Earth News staff

Build this stove from a used hot-water tank to heat your house.

Build A Woodstove Water-Heating Attachment  By MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Follow these tips to construct a woodstove water-heating attachment and save on utility bills. Includes a materials list and diagram.

Super-simple Woodstove HearthsBy Mike Skelly

This woodstove hearth made from scrap lumber, stone and mortar is inexpensive and easy to build.

Antique Woodstove RestorationBy Barry Dordahl

When it comes to antique woodstove restoration, Bill Eckert is the master.

Woodstove Restoration By John Vivian

You might have to make some parts yourself, but a woodstove restoration project can pretty up that old iron firebox and extend its useful life.

How to Use a Woodstove

How to Build a Fire in a WoodstoveBy David Petersen

You can learn how to build a fire in different types of woodstoves quickly and easily.


Heating Your Home with a Woodstove By Stefan Nadzo

A family in Maine planned their home so efficiently, it takes only one wood-burning stove to warm the entire house.

Why We Love Our Woodstove For HeatBy Bruce McElmurray

We live at 9,750′ elevation and heat in the winter with a wood stove.

Use Your Woodstove as a Water HeaterBy Sundance & Louie

Your woodstove can heat more than your home. This hot water heating system uses extra heat to produce hot water that will stay warm up to 48 hours!

Woodstoves: Cleaner Wood Burning TipsByMOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Learn five wood burning tips for a cleaner wood burning woodstove to help keep environmental pollution problems to a minimum.

How to Use Woodstove Accessories By Ole Wik

Learn how to use woodstove accessories, install a damper and make your own adapter.

Woodstove Safety

Woodstove SafetyByMOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Woodstove safety is a little more complicated than most people realize. Here is some basic information to help you do it right.

Wood Smoke and Woodstove Safety By MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Though there’s a long way to go in categorizing and measuring all the effluents involved, research done in the past year has produced a wealth of new information on wood smoke and woodstove safety.

Woodstove Safety Tips for the Family HomeByVincent Schrader

Keep your children safe while also heating the home with this easy design.

How to Use Woodstoves (And Use Them Safe!)By MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

Author of “How to Build an Oil Barrel Stove”, Wik takes the reader through the steps of using and maintaining a wood burning stove.

Woodstoves and Mobile Home Safety By MOTHER EARTH NEWS Editors

This article on woodstoves and mobile home safety provides tips and information on how to use woodstoves safely in more heat-conductive manufactured housing.

Common Sense Woodstove TipsBy Bruce McElmurray

Woodstove considerations that should be considered before you purchase a stove.

Make a Fire Alarm for a WoodstoveBy MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

This device will warn you should a chimney fire occur, including circuitry schematic, diagram, instructions.

Woodstove Cooking

Woodstove CookingBy Fred and Helen Brassel

You can use your woodstove for more than just heating your home. Here are some techniques and recipes to try for cooking on a woodstove.

Woodstove Cooking: Simmer a Winter Dinner By MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors

The slow simmer method is a natural fit with woodstove cooking, and the perfect way to prepare hot soup for a cold winter dinner.

Cooking with Wood: Winter Recipes for the Woodstove By Deborah Dunn

Why fire up the gas or electric range when the trusty old woodburner is waiting—warm and ready—to serve your wintertime cooking needs?  

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