DIY Beaded Key Chain

Whether it's for a necklace or a key chain, this craft teaches you how to make your own loom, how to weave, and how to decorate your new creation.

November 2017
By Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman

key fobs and necklaces

Photo by Margaret Lampert

Stitch Camp (Storey Publishing, 2017) by Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman is specifically for kids and tweens who want to dive into the DIY world. With a collection of hands-on crafts ranging from sewing to felting, Stitch Camp takes the work out of learning a new skill and provides kids with ways to make their own wearables and gifts. Here, learn how to make a key chain or decorative necklace by using a homemade loom.

Beaded Key Fob or Necklace

This is a great little project for beginners because you get to make and use a loom. But the loom is nice and small, so you can finish something in one sitting — like this cool key fob, which is just an old-fashioned way of saying key chain. The beads give the project enough weight and substance to keep it from getting lost in your pocket — or, if you’re making a necklace, from getting tangled in your hair.

What You Need