Green Homes

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

The Most Eco-Friendly Home Construction Materials

From Megan Wild

Planning on building a new home? Make sure to check out these eco-friendly home construction materials.

How to Design a Practical Log Cabin

By David Woods, Log Cabin Hub

Carpenter and log cabin builder David Woods shares expert guidance on what makes a practical log cabin floor plan design, covering log cabin locations, exterior aesthetics, notching and floor plans.

Balecob How-To


The basics of Balecob building

Using Toilet Paper to Save the World

Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper company presents their “Fun Toilet Facts” infographic, bringing to light the reality of paper waste after every flush.


The Scoop on Poop

In this episode we discuss composting human manure! The in-home set up, the legalities, and how to overcome the ick factor to produce beautiful soil. Enjoy this pun filled discussion as we chat we learn about the scoop on poop!

How Hard Water Affects Appliance Efficiency (and What to Do About It)

By Kayla Matthews

Though water softeners have their own drawbacks, hard water can cause scale to build up on appliances, such as hot water tanks, causing you to incur increased maintenance costs.

How to Make It Easy to Recycle in Your Home

By Megan Wild

If you make recycling effortless, the thought follows that more people will recycle. Here's how you can make recycling easy in your home.

Making Eco-Friendly Choices


Follow these tips to help you make eco-friendly decisions.