Pressed Herb Candle Recipe

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Photo By Dawna Edwards
This Pressed Herb Candle recipe can be made using pillar candles and herbs.

This Pressed Herb Candle recipe is an easy craft project you can make at home.

Pressed Herb Candle Recipe

• Pre-made pillar candle, in a color to contrast herbs
• Pressed herbs and flowers
• Wax glue
• 2 to 4 ounces wax (for overdipping)
• Melting pot
• Essential oil, optional
• Metal skewer or corncob holder
• Parchment paper

1. With your candle lying on its side, arrange the botanicals on
that side as you’d like and then attach them with wax glue.

2. Repeat as necessary all around the candle until it’s completely covered, taking care not to disturb those you’ve already applied as you go

3. Melt wax according to package/manufacturer’s directions. If
you want to scent this wax, add a few drops of essential oil just
before dipping.

4. If the melting pot is large enough to accommodate your candle on its side, simply insert a corncob skewer in the bottom end and hold it in one hand, with the wick in your other hand, and skim the candle, rolling gently through the hot wax to coat the entire exterior of the candle. If the melting pan is too
small for the candle to fit lengthwise, quickly pour hot wax into a
shallow baking pan and roll your candle in it instead. Set candle
on parchment paper to dry.

Dawna Edwards, a former Herb Companion editor, is a freelance
writer who spends her time writing about and enjoying the scent,
flavor and beauty of herbs.

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